Social media marketing is taking over the airwaves. This is true in 2020, where the COVID-19 pandemic is raking havoc to global economies. Physical stores are being closed, physical interactions getting limited, and business making losses. However, for casino 1€, this period turned out to be a winning one. According to statistics, the profit of this industry has grown significantly.

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“What’s the future of businesses?” You’d ask this question if you’re an entrepreneur. But the good news: everything is going online — including stores. Therefore, you can still sell, but only when you embrace social media marketing.

This begs the question, how well do you know how to market on social platforms? It can be a hustle when you have no idea how to go about it. Nonetheless, we’ve got you covered on this.

In short, that’s what you’re going to discover. It’s that simple. Are you ready to learn how to use social media to target sales in 2020? We believe so! Then, let’s get going.

What’s Social Media Marketing?

It relies on social platforms for creating brand awareness, engagements, lead generation, and converting leads into buyers. Even better, turning them into return buyers, advocates, and promoters of your business.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media is thriving, and at such times of uncertainties, it’s becoming an avenue for effective marketing. Since most physical stores are closed, you can still reach out to your potential customers with relevant offers and make sales.

So, here are the reasons why social media marketing is important.

  • It’s a source of free organic and paid inorganic traffic.
  • It’s easy to carry out relevant marketing based on freely available audience insights.
  • Each social platform is suitable for specific types of audiences. For example, LinkedIn is known for B2B, while Facebook is awesome for B2C leads.
  • You can launch a full-funnel marketing campaign that focuses on awareness, engagement, subscription, and conversion of leads.

This is only a scratch on the surface. But you get the point. Right? Now, let’s look into a step-by-step social media strategy approach that you can employ in your business.

1. Access Social Media Platforms

There are several social platforms that your audiences hang out on. To reach out to them, you only need internet connectivity. And the best part: once you’re in, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

As a word of caution, only find and stick to the relevant social networks that your clientele uses. First, you’ll need to study and understand your audience. This is the only way you can know where to find them.

2. Create Social Media Accounts

Next, you want to establish an online presence where your customers spend much of their time. If they’re on all the main social platforms, then you’ll need to create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

More importantly, remember, this is hugely driven by your audiences’ interests and social behavior. As a best practice, optimize each account appropriately.

3. Build Connections on Social Media Networks

Your social accounts are well set up and ready. Now what? You need to start building a robust network system. If you have created a group or community on Facebook, for example, this is the opportunity to fill it up with the right audience.

4. Hire Social Media Managers

Managing your platforms should not be a hustle if you’re experienced in social media marketing. Nonetheless, you don’t need to feel frustrated if you don’t. The best you can do is hire social media managers to take care of your accounts.

They’ll do the heavy lifting as you focus on other aspects of your business. In retrospect, today you can hire agencies or freelancers. It all depends on your budget and personal preference.

5. Create a Social Media Campaign

This is where the rubber meets the road. With the help of your marketing team, come up with sales funnels that take care of cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic. Remember: people aren’t on social platforms to be sold.

Therefore, your marketing campaign should aim at taking your leads and customers on a customer value journey. Ensure the process is seamless and subtle to the point they don’t feel you’re pushy. 

Why Business Owners Should Target Social Media Sales This 2020 1

6. Carry out Social Media Advertising

Social platforms operate on algorithms that keep changing time after time. In the past, you’d rely on social media for organic traffic. However, the algorithms are getting smarter, and to make it, you need to comply with certain guidelines.

For instance, on Facebook, you’ll have to do lots of super valuable video content. The more your audience interacts with your content, the more the algorithm will reward you with a wider reach.

Sometimes, not everyone is lucky to this extent. Thus, the only solution to get your audience to interact with you is through paid advertising. You need to have a budget for this and hire an ads manager.

7. Improve Your Social Media Sales

Social media management isn’t rocket science. Sticking to this step-by-step outline should be making you some sales at this point. The more profit maximizers — upsells and cross-sells — you have, the better your chances of making more sales. 

Final Thoughts

Marketing your business can be challenging in 2020. But with social media, you’re still assured of viable marketing space. Plus, you can make more revenue on social media than you’ll ever make offline. 

And the reason for this: you have direct access to your audience. It never gets better than this. What are your thoughts concerning social media marketing? Do you have a question or a concern? Let us know in the comment section.

Author’s Bio

Thomas Glare is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist. His strong areas include: social media marketing, content marketing (blogs/articles), and direct response copywriting. With tons of experience in B2B and B2C product marketing, he helps business owners turn leads into customers, return buyers, and promoters of businesses.