Every business needs a strong marketing strategy – and restaurant businesses are no different. However, some ways of doing marketing are much more appropriate than the others when it comes to restaurant industry.

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Here are some tips:

Market before the season

The best way to get attention of potential customers is to market in the right season – or just before the season. Since the peak season starts in spring and ends in the fall, the best time to start is before that. Otherwise, you’ll just be lagging behind those companies who have already started their marketing campaigns.

The best way to do this is to send emails throughout the year, every month or more frequently. This way, you’ll always be on top of your client’s minds and people will call you first when they need food services. For examples, send an email during early February when people are already tired of the cold and can’t wait to hang out in new food places – this could also be a good time to start a more frequent email strategy.

Be recognizable

If you want your customers to hire you for services, you need to be recognizable. For one, this means having a logo that perfectly represents your company. This logo should be everywhere – your social media, your website, any materials you hand out and so on.

But it can be more than that – you could have a signature style or piece that you like to include, something in each project that makes it easy to say – hey, it’s that restaurant business.

Target your ideal market

When launching a marketing campaign, it’s always a good idea to target your ideal market – start by identifying who those people are. For example, your ideal customer is a person with a big yard, plenty of space and preference for flowers over greenery. Maybe your ideal customer is a new resident who wants to visit new restaurans or get new food services.

Build an impressive website

A website can be your storefront or an extension of your storefront. Represent your services in a good way. Provide detailed information on what you can do. Also, make it look good – you are in the business of making things appealing to the eye so having an ugly web design is definitely not an advantage. Include plenty of pictures and provide useful articles on DIY fixes your customers could do, how to keep their yard clean etc.

Use direct mail

Direct mail may seem like an ancient thing. However, it’s still one of the most popular and successful ways to market your services. You can send an email to everyone you think would be ready for attending your restaurant – base this on thorough research. Make sure that your copy is well-written as well since it is your best salesmen. Include a CTA which would lead your audience to respond by either filling out a simple form or calling.

List your business

You should list your business on various review websites like Yelp, Google my business, Thumbtack, Houzz, Home Advisor, Angie’s list or Porch. These all provide your users with a chance to spread the good word and gives you a wider reach. You can also post photos and create an interesting business profile that will impress your audience.

Have a portfolio

Your portfolio is a great way to show what you can do. It can be both digital and printed – for all purposes. You can add a portfolio section to your website and social media and you can also have a printed version for when you meet the clients in person. Images can often say more than your words.

Enter events and shows

Maybe there are some shows or fairs in your town or city – or in your vicinity. Why not visit them and showcase your business there. “This could be a great opportunity for you to meet some people in the business, network with people, get new clients ad raise your brand awareness. At the very least, people will see your work and you’ll spend a day with those who love doing the same work you do” says Jordan Banks, a digital marketer at Eliteassignmenthelp and Stateofwriting.

Do a volunteer work for your city

Is there any event somewhere in your city?  You should be on it. It’s the best of both worlds – you could do something for the people of your city and they can give back by choosing your restaurant. Do this work for free and make sure it really shows what you can do. If you can include your logo somewhere as well, that would also be great.

Harness the power of social media

Social media is one of the best ways to advertise your services. For your restaurant business, best platforms would be Instagram and Pinterest since they are so focused on images and visuals but you can choose whichever one you want. Post your newest projects, useful tips etc. to get engagement and better business results.

Use Content marketing

Have you heard about content marketing? It’s beneficial for all sorts of businesses and it could really improve your restaurant business. Here is how to do it inexpensively and effectively:

  • Start a blog – First step is to design it so it matches your business and branding. One of the most recommended themes is Hestia and it works well for any business – you can customize it and add images that will signal to the people what your business is all about.

Choose the font, the layout, create pages and a menu and build an attractive home page. Once everything is set up, you can start blogging which is very simple on WordPress.

  • Research – Make sure that you have explored enough before you start writing. You don’t want to waste time writing a blog post that no one wants to read. Also, explore your marketing options – where can you market your blog and services. Pick two social media platforms at most and make sure that they are beneficial for your business. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are based on images and you can use them to showcase your best work.
  • Use different mediums – You can turn your blog posts into videos, images, infographics and so on. There are many interesting things that you can do to make your blog more appealing to the audience. Film your team as you work or create a slideshow which will showcase your best work
  • Use content writing tools – One of the most important things about your content marketing campaign is to make sure that your text is accurate. Mistakes in writing are off-putting and audience will not consider you an authority in the industry. Here are some tools that you can use for that:

Viawriting and Study demic are content writing guides which can help you learn more about writing and style.

Bigassignments is a content editing tool recommended by Bestaustralianwriters and it can help you edit your text and make it perfect.

Academ advisor is a grammar checker which offers you tools to correct any grammar mistake you make.

Australianhelp and Academized are content formatting tools which can help make your text more readable and appealing to the audience.

Mywritingway and Paperfellows are useful tools that can help you generate catchy blog topics, headlines, subheadings, etc. in order to grab the audience’s attention.

Oxessays is a content proofreading tool that can help you check your content for any mistakes that you might have made.

Creating a marketing campaign is a great way to promote your business and make more people aware of your brand. Follow these tips to build a strong marketing strategy

Bio: Nora Mork is a marketing journalist at Ukwritings. She helps businesses to create effective marketing strategies and achieve better results by speaking at niche events and writing posts for magazines and blogs such as Boomessays and Essayroo.