8 Ways To Market Your Business With Nothing! 1

According to HubSpot, the third greatest challenge for companies is the lack of an income stream to advertise. Due to this, promoting your business can be quite difficult. However, there are a few tricks for you to have a higher reach without spending a penny!

Indie Hackers

indie hackers

Indie Hackers is a community where entrepreneurs support each other. You can post about anything on Indie Hackers, your services, you’re articles or your products for sale.

This website is one of the ways that I promote my articles, on average I get 3 clicks to my article from Indie Hackers. With this being said, you must visit this website.

Not only can you promote your business, additionally you can communicate with business owners relatively easily, and follow their content. Therefore, you may buy Reddit accounts from here.


1. Easy to drive traffic to your business

2. Ability to communicate with actual business owners

3. Supportive community

4. Free


Indie Hackers is a no brainer for you to join, not only is there a supportive community, but the ability to talk to business owners is invaluable. Not to mention how easily you can gain traffic to your website, with a simple post!


8 Ways To Market Your Business With Nothing! 2

Quora, I adore Quora! Why? The amount of publicity I get to my articles from Quora is extraordinary!


In just my third day, I prioritized to answer as many questions on Quora and leave links to my articles. From this, I gained a huge spike on my Medium views.

The best part, once you have answered users questions, you will then get organic traffic to your business from Quora.

How To Find The Right Questions To Answer

Although Quora may seem like a no brainer. But you will need to answer questions that are related to your business, answering any question will not be as efficient in contrast to answering related niche questions.

I want to ask you, what would a customer search for, that your business can solve?

Do they have issues with confidence?

Do they procrastinate a lot?

If so answer it then send a link to your website, detailing each step to solve the problem, with a call to action in the end, e.g. subscribe to my mailing list.

Points ?

1. Organic Traffic, once you have left an answer

2. Incredibly easy to gain a spike on your traffic

3. If you answer questions long enough, you may get the opportunity to be payed for the questions you write

4. Free


You probably already know what I am going to say… Join Quora! Not only can you drastically increase your web traffic, but your answers linking to your page will have an everlasting effect!


8 Ways To Market Your Business With Nothing! 3

I have a hate-love relationship with Pinterest, yes it does give me a good reach and organic impressions, but not enough clicks to my article.

However! Upon changing my marketing strategy on Pinterest I do see its appeal.

Pinterest is an amazing place to post… shirt designs and also articles for your business. However, your posts are CRITICAL to your success with Pinterest, here let me show you…

published pins

As you can see, I have A LOT of views from my pin, except for link clicks. Personally, I was very much frustrated… until I changed my strategy and saw the potential on Pinterest.

what makes a good headline

I have noticed, the top Pinterest posts were vertical and displayed information.

So I copied it and received 2 link clicks. Although that is not a lot, it is better than nothing. So if you are going to join Pinterest be sure to make infographics like this.

You can make them a website called Canva.

Points ?

1. Easy to get impressions

2. Difficult to attain clicks

3. Pinterest users easily share content

4. Requires a specific approach when creating posts for Pins e.g. infographic posts

5. Free


Pinterest is a long-term strategy, you attain clicks from a period of time, Pinterest posts are more likely to be shared than any other platform.

In conclusion, if you are going to use Pinterest, be sure to create specific posts with appealing graphics and giving information upfront.



Mix is incredibly easy to use, simply copy the link you want to share and it will be sent to your mix profile to be shown to Mix’s audience.

Unfortunately, the website does not have analytics, but it’s available on iPhones and Android devices, with a cool chrome extension to quickly import your posts to Mix.

In terms of the number of views you get, well it’s not too many but a few views, around 4 or 5.

Points ?

1. INCREDIBLY easy to use

2. Gain a few views

3. No Analytics

4. Free


Using Mix will not greatly impact your business views, but it will not hurt to use Mix in case your post gets featured on Mix.

In other words, due to its ease of use, it is worth it.


8 Ways To Market Your Business With Nothing! 4

case you don’t know, Reddit is a public forum, where there are groups about multiple topics that you can post on. These topics can range from Philosophy, Startups and Marketing.

I have used Reddit to gain views for my Youtube Channel, and it has worked successfully, not to mention the only thing I did was post a link to my video without explaining what it is.

Therefore, imagine if you write a detailed post, that gives valuable information to a Reddit user. Not only will this increase the probability for your post to be upvoted, but it will also gain the chance for it to be trending on the specified Reddit forum.

Points ?

1. Easy to gain views for your business

2. Gain the ability to make your post trend on Reddit

3. Requires Karma points to post in certain topics

4. Free


Reddit is a MUST for you to join, not only does it have millions of communities for you to promote to, but it gives you the ability to trend on specific topics very easily.

Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace, allows Facebook users to sell items, however, some users use it for more than selling items. Previously, I have sold services where I will fix a users phone for a certain price, posting this was free and I could promote it to 1,000s of users for a mere £5.

Although this website is purely for selling items, there are no restrictions on putting your website pages or selling services on them.

Points ?

1. Easy to gain views

2. You Do Not Require To Pay Facebook a Penny for selling items

3. You do not have the ability to trend

4. You can prompt your post for only £5

5. Free


Facebook marketplace is a brilliant place if you are an e-commerce store, selling items, or even list a service or a garage sale you may have. though it does not give you the ability to trend, its positives far outweigh the negatives.

I personally recommend you to join facebook marketplace if you are selling an item or selling a service.



ClassifiedAds is just like Facebook Marketplace, except you can post ads about your…





Apartments for Rent/Sale

Did I forget to mention its free to post ads? This is the go-to place for any business that you are in, not only does it have a wide range of categories for any sector but also has a support page for any enquiries you may have.

Points ?

1. Post about anything

2. Free Advertisement posts

3. Support page


Do I really need to add a conclusion? Just go and list your business on that website. But really not matter what sector you are in, this website is a MUST to post about your business, the only downside I can think about is that it may not be as effective for views in comparison to some other sites like Quora.



Gumtree is a website where you can post items for sale, I have used Gumtree in the past to promote my item, resulting in a few sales. However, not to an extraordinary amount. In Gumtree you can sell pretty much anything, however, Gumtree has struck regulations about posting your services.

In essence, go to Gumtree if you are looking to sell items and not promote your website.

Points ?

1. Can not list services or websites

2. You do not have the ability to Trend

3. Free


Gumtree is not a platform where you need to be in, however if you own a commerce store, then Gumtree will certainly help with a few sales.

Website Links ?






Facebook Marketplace



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