The art of catering, like a puzzle game, involves putting all the pieces together (e.g., food, flowers, dinner plates, glassware, tables and chairs) to create a remarkable party atmosphere to make the event special and memorable for everyone.


If you think that catering is just about cooking and serving food—well, think again. Although cooking and serving are the basic ideas of a catering service, the truth is, taking on a catering business is a Herculean task. It not only involves serving delicious food, but it also includes choosing the right décor, table arrangement and food presentation that can be admired and appreciated by every party goer.

From the initial client-caterer meeting, to the detailed planning and the intense preparation before the big event—being successful in catering business takes perseverance, teamwork, creativity and so much more. So, if you want to learn the secrets to becoming a successful caterer, feel free to read this article.

  • Learn the basics.

Serving delicious food is the most basic yet the most vital aspect of becoming a good caterer. No matter how beautiful the food presentation is, or the venue of the party is, the clients won’t return if the food you served cannot satisfy the palate. Apart from that, you must also be aware of and comply with the food safety laws in a particular state. You also need to have enough experience to make recipe substitutions to cope with food allergies and conform to religious dietary requirements or personal preference of the clients.

  • Gain more experience.

When it comes to catering business, experience is always a good teacher. Thus, if you want to become good at what you do, then you need to gain a lot of experience in the art of catering. Getting a crash course in cooking or studying food management can give you new ideas on how to run your party catering service—effectively and successfully.

  • Practice good customer service.

Since caterers work with different people, having excellent communication skills is vital in building up your clients’ list. Being courteous, thoughtful and considerate can be valuable in your dealings with the clients. Remember, a happy customer is a satisfied customer; he or she can give the best recommendation which can help your catering company become a success. Keep in mind that word-of-mouth remains to be the most effective advertising strategy out there. Hence, learn to practice excellent customer service to build rapport with all your clients.

  • Focus on one niche.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Although you can be a general caterer, if you want to become a successful caterer, then choosing one particular type of event that you want to focus your expertise on is beneficial. Make a decision as to what type or style of catering service you want, and stick to it. For example, you can focus your business on catering for corporate parties, weddings, or birthdays. By knowing what you want, you can easily become a successful party catering business for a specific type of event.

Taking time to learn the art of catering can make all the difference between a failing and a successful catering business. With that in mind, make sure that you are fully equipped with the knowledge of the ins and outs of the catering world before you take on such a major business undertaking.

By Debra Wright

Marketing specialist Debra Wright enjoys learning new things both online and offline. Her love for discovery encompasses varied subjects from the mundane to the riveting, including topics like business. When she is not in front of her computer or behind the wheel for a road trip, she is busy with her oven trying to master her baking skills. Follow her on twitter @debrawrites