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All You Need to Know About Financing Your Wedding Ring

Weddings are supposed to be memorable, and you would not want to be miserly about buying your wedding ring just because you don’t have the ready cash. You can easily buy something far more expensive by financing your purchase. However, you need to take a hard look at whether you can afford the expense as [&hellip

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5 Steps to Boost Your Sales

The prominence of online shopping post-COVID-19 continues to increase. Hence, it has become imperative to learn how to boost online sales. Internationally, the pandemic has forced consumers to shift their purchases from physical stores to online markets. Furthermore, various surveys concluded that there had been a significant increase in active online shoppers from both emerging [&hellip

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Everything You Have to Know About Auditing

In the 10th century in England the first audit was documented: the Treasury was sorting out the monarchy’s accounts. Ever since people began to report expenses and profits, there has been a need for independent specialists who can verify their accuracy. Today, businesses bring in auditors to understand the finances and accounting and compare the [&hellip

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A Quick Guide in Choosing the Right Insurance for the Family

Looking to start a family soon? It’s no secret that building a future with your partner requires a lot of financial preparation. Other than handling short-term expenses such as rent and utilities, you need to take your children’s education and other big investments into account, too. As you continue to plan for the long run, [&hellip

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7 Small Business Start Up Money Seeking Mistakes

If you are considering a business startup scenario where capital is required, then you will want to avoid the 7 small business start up money seeking mistakes that destroy your ability to secure financing. Small business start up money is a highly sought after commodity as more and more people are trying their luck at [&hellip

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5 Creative Tips for Business Owners to Obtain Financing

Article is a condensed excerpt from the book, “Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses”. The article provides five sources of financing that small business owners do not typically consider when pursuing start-up or expansion capital. The article also explains succinctly how and when to access the alternative financing. Topics covered: Seller financing, [&hellip

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7 Critical Business Financing Mistakes

Business financing mistakes can be hazardous to not only your business growth but your very business survival. Learn all about the 7 critical business financing mistakes you should avoid if you’re serious about growing a profitable business. Avoiding the top 7 business financing mistakes is a key component in business survival. If you start committing [&hellip

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Why Credit Cards are Good for the Economy

People invariably get a large number of emails telling them about checking their credit scores and building credit in India. While most of them land up in trash, it certainly makes sense to know what it all means, especially since building credit can be beneficial in the long run. A number that indicates the credit [&hellip

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Credit consolidation: debt unification

Today, many citizens pay several credit debts at the same time. Some take out new loans because they always have money at hand, and serious circumstances forced some. But the reasons may be different, but the financial burden, in any case, will be significant. In addition, having two or three loans at once, borrowers often [&hellip

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