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Mental Health Tips for Small Business Owners

The global pandemic severely affected markets around the world and, in many areas, small businesses remain one of the worst-hit categories. Financial uncertainty, operational changes, and remote working have changed the way that many business owners were able to operate. While some of those changes were temporary, others may have long-lasting effects. All these forces [&hellip

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3 Customer Service Practices to Lay the Groundwork for Your Business Right Now

Good customer service creates a ripple effect. A satisfied customer remains loyal to the brand, and a pleasant customer service experience leads to good word-of-mouth, building an excellent brand image. Customer service is a pivotal factor that can help you satisfy and retain customers. In deciding their loyalty for a brand, 96 percent of consumers [&hellip

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3 Business Tips to Take Your Growth to The Next Level

Many businesses find themselves in a difficult position right now, with few truly able to grow under the current circumstances – for some, survival is struggle enough. But with normality supposedly just around the corner and the public ready to celebrate a brighter summer, there will be countless opportunities in the coming months for small [&hellip

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How to Handle Client Complaints: The 7 Do’s and Don’ts

As a business owner, you will at some point be at the receiving end of a client complaint (and you may have been a client with a complaint yourself). The question isn’t whether you’ll get them (you will!) – the question is, how do you choose to handle the complaint, and yourself, in response. This [&hellip

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Five Simple Ways to Build Buzz and Boost your Business

By John DeSimone, President, Herbalife Nutrition Every entrepreneur knows that if potential customers do not know about your services or products, you can become the worst kept secret. One of the keys to creating sales is reaching end-users with the information that you have solutions to meet their needs. As a nutrition company with independent [&hellip

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Tips on Creating Virtual Presentations for Potential Investors

Investor pitches can be nerve-wracking for any entrepreneur. Whether you’re experienced or not, getting to convince a room full of potential investors and building trust with them isn’t easy. If you thought that is a challenge, imagine having to do it on video call thanks to the recent paradigm shift. The remote presentation can be [&hellip

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5 Signs You Need to Hire A Local Real Estate Agent

When you are looking to buy or sell a home, it can be helpful to hire the help of a real estate agent. Many people find that hiring a local agent is best for many reasons. It can be difficult to narrow down who to work with, but the decision is important because a lot [&hellip

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Training programs often turn out to be a significant investment – both in money and time. For this reason, measuring the return of investment is so important.   How can you be sure that your corporate training programs are effective? This is one of the main questions asked by companies. Improving the skills of your workers [&hellip

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5 Ways To Find A Quality Wealth Coach

When you feel the need for a wealth coach so you will do what is right with your wealth and have a good future, you need to be smart about which one you choose. You will need the financial planner Gold Coast who is right for your situation and all of your needs. Everyone has [&hellip

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