Beef sausage is made from ground beef mixed with salt, herbs, and other spices. Typically, a sausage is formed in a casing traditionally made from intestine, but sometimes artificial casing. Some sausages are cooked during processing and the casing may be removed afterwards.

beef sausage

Beef Sausage


600g Beef lean
400g Ground pork backfat


TVP 1/4 cup + 1/2 cup water
Isolated Soy Protein 1 Tbsp

Curing Ingredients:

1 tbsp salt, refined
1/2 tsp curing salt
1 tsp Phosphate
1/4 cup water

Seasonings / spices:

9-12 tbsp sugar, refined
1 tbsp ground black pepper
2 tbsp garlic, chopped
2 tbsp anisado wine
1/2 tsp MSG (vetsin)
Food color as desired

Packaging Materials:

Fresh Hog Casing / artificial casing


1. Select good quality raw materials
2. Grind meat and fat
3. Measure/weigh all the ingredients separating curing ingredients and seasoning
4. Hydrate TVP and ISP in water
5. Mix the curing ingredients with the meat until well blended
6. Add the rest of the ingredients
7. Cure either at room temperature for 8-10 hours or at refrigeration temperature for 1-2 days
8. Stuff in fresh natural casing or artificial casing
9. Link to desired length
10. Pack in polyethylene bags
11. Store in freezer

Source: wikipedia