Are you a housewife who would like to earn a little income while staying at home? If you have a sewing machine and some spare time to sew, you can actually earn money out of making and selling household cleaning rags!

How to make riches out of rags
Capital approximately P8,605

100 kg of scrap cloth or “retaso” – composed of:
50 kg mumog/ palaman – P7 per kg = P350
25 kg tatayin ——– P14 per kg = P350
25 kg panapal ——– P25 per kg = P625
Total —————————-= P1,325

Estimated cost of thread = P280
* estimated cost of brand new sewing machine = P7,000

* Sewing machine can be removed from costing if you already own one.

From 100 kg of scrap cloth, you can make 5 thousand rags! This can be made in a span of 2 weeks!
100 kg = 5,000 pcs of rags or basahan

Estimated selling cost
Padless – P80 (100pcs)
Regular – P30 (1 kg), P90 (100 pcs)

If you sell the rags at P90 for 100 pieces, you can make as much as P4,500 in a month! So you can make riches out of rags.

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Source: Hanep Buhay,