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7 Proven Social Media Promotion Ideas for Every Type of Business

In this era of online webbing staying away from social media platforms can push you towards commencing a great folly! It’s not that for all successful businesses you should have access to social media but lately, all big business ventures take a keen interest in endorsing their products and services through online marketing. You can [&hellip

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How to increase the revenue of your business six times in one year. Refocus experience

Hello, everyone! My name is Roman Kumar Vias and I’m CEO of Refocus, co-founder of Coding Invaders by MentorsPro, and mentor at 500 startups. As a founder of several international businesses, I have started with a small local start-up.  In this article, I will describe how we have managed to launch a small startup in [&hellip

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How can you plan your new business? The role of a web development company

Business is something done with a profit earning motive. Today, we find many such businesses which come into the market with full enthusiasm but lose all hopes the moment it notices a failure. Failure or loss may be big or small, but makes a strong effect on the mind of the businessman. Psychologically, he gets [&hellip

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Why Businesses Must Make the Most of Instagram & WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a powerful platform known for its wide range of themes and plugins that enable users to generate functional and aesthetically appealing websites. However, the most striking feature of WordPress is its potential for easily integrating with practically all other online services that are available. Combining Instagram and WordPress is just like blending a [&hellip

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Use content sharing on social media platforms to get more traffic for your business website

It is of prime importance that the business entrepreneurs are not ignoring social media platforms currently. Business owners will have to see to it that they have a substantial presence on the internet so that their brand can become more successful. One of the best methods for doing this will be by using social media [&hellip

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4 Reasons Why a Logo Is Important to Your Business Marketing Strategy

Did you know that 20% of new businesses fail within the first two years? While there are plenty of reasons for that, one of the big ones is poor company marketing. As a business owner, you have plenty of things to think about. Developing a business marketing strategy when you’re first starting out and don’t [&hellip

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Top 8 Strategies to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Do you dream of your company being as recognizable as Nike, McDonald’s, or even Tesla? Then you need to start building your brand awareness. To get started, try out these 8 brand awareness strategies that are simple and effective! Brand Awareness Definition Brand awareness refers to how famous a company is and how aware the [&hellip

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What is FOMO Marketing? How to Use it to Get More Leads

Do you know the feeling when a friend posts a photo of a vacation you missed? You look at the picture and feel the sun on your skin and the sand in your toes. You see the water crashing on the shore and the drinks in people’s hands. You see the exotic food on someone’s [&hellip

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Significance Of Branding for Any Business

Branding is a very important part of any kind of business. Day by day its importance is increasing. Few people think it is just a part of the business. But it is not completely true. Branding provides extra value to your business. Today, we can’t run a successful campaign without digital media. These active platforms [&hellip

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