Outsourcing services providers in the Philippines have been hugely abundant in recent years. This is vastly evident in the assembly of many BPO companies in the country as well as the growing number of call center agents that are currently working in the industry.

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But have you ever wondered why foreign companies from different countries prefer building their businesses here in the Philippines?

There are actually many reasons why this country is a top choice for many BPO companies. Read some of them below.

Hospitality and Adaptability

One of the best known traits Filipinos have is hospitality. Foreign investors find it really appealing that the locals are able to welcome them warmly into their home country. Furthermore, it is a trait Filipino call center agents can use in order to attract and retain customers in their businesses.

Companies also can trust them to adapt well to the work’s nature wherein they have to be warm, perseverant, and patient.

Time Difference

Although the country runs in a different time zone, time difference is not really an issue. In fact, it is an advantage companies can work with for they can run their operations around the clock. This means that they can operate 24/7 which will ultimately increase their productivity rate.

Employees also do not lose out because when suitable they are being paid with night differential as well as other benefits.

Cultural Harmony

The Philippines may be located in Southeast Asia, but its culture has been heavily influenced by the West. The impact of the American colonization is still very evident today. In fact, many structures in the country have been largely associated with USA’s historical figures.

Because of this, Filipino workers will be able to easily adapt and relate to Western clienteles and customers.

English Fluency

The English language is broadly taught in both public and private schools found all over the country. This means that the Filipino people are well versed in the language, especially if you compare it to other neighboring Asian countries.

They are able to maintain an English conversation with a non-Asian accent or even an American accent that can be easily understood by the clientele.

High Literacy Rate

The National Statistics Office or NSO has announced that the nation has a 97% literacy rate. This number is actually high even when compared with other modern and industrialized countries around the globe.

Every year, top Philippine universities produce more than 500,000 highly educated graduates. The Filipino workers have a fairly high average in IQ. They eventually become executives, managers, and supervisors. These individuals can often work through complicated and high-stress situations.

Business-Friendly Economy

The Philippines has a Build-Operate-Transfer or BOT investment scheme which is really appealing to foreign businessmen. It allows a 100% foreign ownership in almost all industries and sectors available in the country. BPO company heads can rely on this scheme to make sure that they will be identified as the owner of a certain establishment or facility.

The Philippines may be considered as a third world country, but it certainly is not lacking in foreign investments, as you can see it is a top choice for BPO companies from all over the world. From speed of recruitment to 50% cost reduction, BPO industry analyst Matchboard has identified 11 key benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines which have positioned it indisputably as the number 1 outsourcing destination for both American and Australian businesses.

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