Late risers and those who don’t eat breakfast on the regular tend to start their meals near noon. This meal is popularly known as ‘brunch,’ a portmanteau of the words breakfast and lunch. Brunches tend to be taken around the late morning until the early afternoon.

Filipino brunch combinations
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Do you brunch often? Get ideas on your next brunch with these five iconic Filipino food brunch combinations down below!

Kape at Pandesal

There’s nothing quite like starting the day with a cup of joe and toasted bread. In fact, most Filipinos like dipping their bread in coffee! Akin to Spaniards dipping churros in chocolate, we soak a piece of stale or freshly baked pandesal with instant or brewed coffee. Now you’ve got coffee-flavored bread!

Suman sa Gata at Manggang Hinog

If you’re a mango lover, you’re in for a sweet surprise. This popular combination is also similar to another Thai dish called ‘Khao Niaow Ma Muang. ‘ In our version, we use suman sa gata, a type of rice cake usually wrapped in buri or palm leaves partnered with tart, juicy mangoes. Some would even put mango bits inside the suman!

Puto & Dinuguan

This food pairing is so popular that you simply can’t get one without the other. In this meal combo, Filipinos dip a piece of steamed rice cake, also known as puto, into the pork blood stew. The rich, savory sauce of dinuguan complements the smooth and buttery puto in every bite. It’s the kind of food that hits the spot every time!

Champorado & Tuyo

Not only is this meal perfect for brunch time, but it’s also a well-known comfort food for rainy days. Champorado is a bowl of chocolate-flavored rice porridge drizzled in condensed milk. You can use tablea, cocoa powder, or even chocolate bars to sweeten up the dish. People like to add fried tuyo on the side to balance out the flavors. Isn’t that intuitive?

Pancit & Rice

Carbs on carbs might sound like an anomaly for most, but it’s one of the best brunch foods out there. Pancit on rice is a quick & affordable meal that anyone can make. It’s also perfect for heavy eaters since it’s a filling dish. You can use instant noodles or actual, stir-fried pancit with loads of veggies and toppings. You’ll be treating them as a viand either way!

Give your next brunch meal the Filipino flair with these great classic ideas. Which one do you want to try?