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Producing white powder from arrowroot through improved production technologies

Almost similar to cornstarch in being white, fine and powdery, the arrowroot powder is a healthier alternative. It is the only starch product with calcium ash which is important for the maintenance of proper acid and alkali balances in the human body (Fallon, 2000). But before it becomes the white, nutritious powder that we know—an [&hellip

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Making money from herbs and spices

Try to recall your younger days when you were so sick and your parents were not around. Maybe you have noticed that your grandparents are preparing something to boil. They have probably told you to drink the bitter-tasting hot water for you to get better and luckily you are fine as if nothing happened. Whenever [&hellip

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Increasing Cabbage Yield through SSNM

Vegetable production in the Philippines is one of the prime aspects of the country’s agriculture. Aside from being a major source of nutrition for Filipinos, it is also a major source of livelihood for our farmers. Providing higher economic returns, developing new export markets for high value crop and livestock commodities, and improving farmers’ income [&hellip

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Tiesa’s time to shine

Our country is home to many indigenous crops. However, the potentials of some of these crops still remain unexplored. A United Nations projection reveals that in 2050, world population is expected to reach 9 billion. Achieving food security, especially among the developing countries, is a constant challenge which needs to be dealt with. To help [&hellip

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Legislature to support Vitamin A-rich Golden Rice release with studies proving efficacy in reducing Vitamin A deficiency

The legislature will support the distribution of the pro Vitamin A-rich Golden Rice given studies proving efficacy in reducing Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) which adversely affects 250 million children’s immune system. Recognizing that Golden Rice will significantly supplement Vitamin A needs of the most needy children and pregnant women, the Senate committee on agriculture is [&hellip

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A sweet bite of the Philippine’s lanzones

The Philippines is one of the countries blessed with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. One of the favorites is lanzones (Lansium domesticum), dubbed as the ‘highly seasonal and highly priced fruit in the Philippines’. Locally-grown varieties of lanzones are paete, duku, and jolo. An outstanding variety from Thailand is also grown but is said [&hellip

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Pole Sitaw Production Guide

Pole sitao (Vigna unquiculata subsp. Sesquipedales (L.) Verdc.) has the following names: asparagus bean, garter bean, snake bean, Chinese long bean, Yardlong bean (English); kacang panjang (Indonesian and Malaysian); tao-fak-yao (Thai); dau-dau (Vietnamese); dau-gok (Chinese); lobia (Hindi); and sasage (Japanese). Locally, it is known as sitaw (Tagalog), hantak (Waray), utong (Ilokano), batong (Cebuano) and latuy [&hellip

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Growing Chrysanthemum for Business

Chrysanthemum is one of the leading cutflowers and potted plants in the international market. Domestic market has increased both for cutflowers and potted plants. Local production cannot cope with the demand, thus the importation of this cutflower from other countries. The development of chrysanthemum industry as a major ornamental cutflower and potted plants enterprises supports [&hellip

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How to Delay the Ripening of Banana

Bananas (also other fruits and vegetables) emits gas called “ethylene.” The presence of this gas inside the enclosed bags when transported for shipment coupled with high temperature hasten the fruit’s ripening process. at Pexels A food expert devised a new, low-cost treatment for prolonging the storage life of bananas and other fruits and vegetables [&hellip

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