Barely a month from now, the spooky season of Halloween will scare us. Well, this is another good business idea. You will only need your creative idea, easy-to-make costume with less money to spend. This business idea is not only true during Halloween but all year round depending on the season. Child costume business is also the best partner for kid’s party where some mothers love to put costumes for their children. Explore your mind and let the business begin.

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Child Costume Business: What to Consider

1. You must have all types of costumes needed. Halloween is one example but there is other themes like your fiesta to important events in the calendar and your locality. It is important that you have an array of costume picks.
2. Place your child costume business in a strategic location where everyone could notice your business.
3. It is better to have your seamstress to make your costumes more personalized but start with the basic and most in demand costumes.
4. List down all your possible supplier- fabrics, children’s funny masks.
5. Link your business to important events in your area like fiestas.

Other tip:

1. Choose fabric for your costumes which are not skin-irritating since children are your target customers.

I have included various costume ideas for Halloween which is shared by Martha Stewart.

Halloween costume ideas

Construction Worker

The only item you may need to go out and purchase is a child-size hard hat, which can be obtained at any toy store. Dress your child up in old jeans, boots and a plaid button down with the sleeves torn off. Put a tool belt around his waist, or make your own tool belt by folding a white apron over several times, and sewing in a few vertical sections as pockets. Slip lightweight tools like a screwdriver, flashlight, and a pair of pliers into the tool belt pockets. Put a bit of brown face paint or shoe polish on your child’s face to simulate dirt, and top off the look with your yellow hard hat. If you have a walkie talkie in the house, that is an extra bonus. But if you don’t, the costume will still be a realistic success.

Cowboy or Cowgirl

Jeans or a plaid skirt, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and a plaid button down shirt are the basics for a cowboy or cowgirl Halloween costume. Spruce up your child costume with a fringed vest and a large-buckled belt. Grab a long piece of rope from the garage, and loop it into a wrangling rope that can be slipped beneath the belt before buckling, so that it hangs at your little cow poke’s side. Grab your kitchen mop and glue felt ears and eyeballs on to the stick to instantly transform it into a faithful steed.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cut a hole in the center of a long piece of light brown felt, so that it becomes a poncho. Sew numerous, small circles of dark brown felt all around the poncho, to simulate a smattering of chocolate chips. Drape the cookie poncho over your child, then rig her out with an empty milk jug overflowing with white toilet paper, which will look like overflowing milk. Yum!


Put your child in old sneakers, black pants, and an extra long button down shirt. Get various colored paints from your garage and spatter them all over your little painter’s clothing. Top off the look with a beret and a paint brush coated with paint. Give your little one some time to dry before leaving the house, so none of his peers get smeared.

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