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How to Make a Liquid Detergent

The term detergent by itself refers specifically to laundry detergent or dish detergent, as opposed to hand soap or other types of cleaning agents. Detergents are commonly available as powders or concentrated solutions. Liquid detergent on the other hand, a detergent in liquid form, is a detergent with a cleansing agent that differs from soap [&hellip

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How to Start a Sari-sari Store Business

Sari-sari stores are small retail outlets that can be found in almost all neighborhoods, sometimes even in every street corner in the Philippines. Most sari-sari stores are privately owned shops and are operated inside the store owner’s house. Commodities are displayed in a large screen-covered or metal barred window in front of the shop. Candies, [&hellip

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Hapinoy Sari-Sari Store Program

The Hapinoy Store Program focuses on the sari-sari stores in the Philippines (sari-sari is the Filipino word for “many or various kinds”), small neighborhood convenience stores or retail-based outlets that sell various things, mostly basic commodities. These kinds of stores are almost always located within or as an extension of the storeowner’s home. With about [&hellip

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How to Make Cornmeal Soap

Farmers who grow corn may not realize that they can make use of the corn they grow instead of selling it to local merchants. They can add value to their product by making cornmeal soap. The family can use this at home, or they can sell it to their neighbors and earn some money. About [&hellip

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How to Make Kawayan Charcoal Briquette

Kawayan Charcoal Briquette is solid bio-fuel that is produced from bamboo waste using dead poles and branches from the clumps, and processing waste from trimmings and shavings. What is unique in the kawayan charcoal briquette is that the binder is effluent from the processing of chichacorn (boiled corn kernels and fried to crispy state). All [&hellip

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How to Start A Business Using Your Backyard?

‘A big business starts small’, says Richard Branson. Well, does that sound hard to believe? How about quitting your nine-to-five laborious job and starting up a new venture from the scratch – let’s say becoming your own boss? About 69% startups are home-based businesses. Why not start one! Are you afraid it might not go [&hellip

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How to Make Homemade Car Shampoo

To get started in car-shampoo making, you will need roughly P3,000 in initial capital. You will need it to purchase the ingredients, utensils, and equipment listed below. Homemade Car Shampoo Ingredients: 80g Needle-type coconut fatty alcohol sulfate (CFAS) 840g De-ionized water or distilled water 30g Coco diethanolamide (CDEA) 1g Phenoxy ethanol 2g Ethyl alcohol 10g [&hellip

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How to Start a Salon Business

If your passion is making people look good through various beauty services, getting into the beauty business may be a good investment! Below are important things to consider in putting a salon business. 1. Location In a salon business, you must pick your location carefully. Insider Tips: – You won’t go wrong with choosing to [&hellip

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How to Start a Carinderia Business

Carinderia is a local eatery selling and serving affordable viands for the masses. It’s also known as a “turo-turo” wherein customers literally point what they want to eat. If your house is located in a busy area or surrounded by a lot of office buildings and schools, then putting up a carinderia business is a [&hellip

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How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

Man’s best friend can also be a great source of steady income. This rings true for entrepreneur Josephine Molde, who has built a lucrative dog breeding business out of his own backyard. It was in 2000 when she bought a 10-month-old female Dalmatian for P12,000 from a friend. Months later, the dog gave indications that [&hellip

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