More online shoppers these days to looking to purchase from small businesses that offer handmade products. This is a market that emphasizes making products from scratch and selling from the convenience of your own home. Here are five products that you can make at home and with a little more research, you can use them to start your own business and make a sizeable profit.

Sell from Home

Baked Goods

Many of those who started a baking business from home began baking cakes and cookies as a hobby but soon find that it can also be profitable. It is also easy to find the ingredients and the supplies you need to start a baking business from home. When it comes to the recipe for your baked goods, you can either develop your own or find one from the Internet and tweak it a little to make it special and more marketable. You can also get packaging supplies from baking supply stores or just get them online.

However, the food business requires a lot of care and attention because you are dealing with consumed goods. It is best to read more about how to properly start and maintain a food business from all aspects, including the hygiene of your setup to how you can ensure safe delivery. This is important if you do not want to experience much loss after you start your business.


More and more consumers are looking to purchasing hand-made jewelry as supposed to getting it from major jewelry brands because they believe that it is more ethical and more affordable. Starting a jewelry business may seem expensive but it is actually cheaper than you would expect. You can easily get your supplies from craft supply stores or purchase them online.

Learning how to make jewelry is as easy as going on YouTube or signing up for a one-day class. When it comes to the designs, you can refer to the products that are trending on social media or the fashion industry. Pieces of jewelry are also easier to sell because they are not perishable or consumed but you should make sure that your products are safe for the skin to avoid any issues such as allergies or rashes.


Candle-making might seem like a difficult market to break into but as long as you find the right niche and target audience, a homemade candle business can be profitable. Many candle lovers prefer buying from smaller businesses and some customers get candles as gifts or party favors so you will always have a clientele to promote to.

You can always find DIY candle tutorials online and they even have methods of making eco-friendly and vegan ones for the all-natural market. You may not have any issues with making the product, but you may find difficulties in promotion so pay attention to your packaging and branding because that can make your products stand out from others. Also, take note of the delivery aspects to avoid getting complaints of broken candle jars.

Soaps and Bath Bombs

A business similar to candles is handmade soaps and bath bombs. They may seem like a tough market but if you know how to set your products apart, you can surely turn a loss into a profit. Also, like candles, you can easily find tutorials for soaps and bath bombs, and you can make ones with all-natural ingredients.

One thing to note about this type of business that you must make sure that your raw ingredients and supplies are safe to use on the skin. You can read more about the chemistry that goes into soap making to ensure your products are as effective as they are pretty and fragrant. Remember that branding means a lot to beauty products so try to put more effort into the design and packaging of the product.

Gift Boxes and Curated Packages

A type of business that may not require much work is curated gift boxes and packages because you can make your own products or just get them from the store and add them into a pretty box. You can also make any of the previously mentioned products and advertise them as inclusions for a curated gift box. The most important aspect of this business is the look of the package so be creative and design one that will wow potential customers.

You can curate gift boxes for almost everyone and every occasion. For example, you can create a chocolate lovers gift box by adding the all-time favorite, Cadbury chocolates, and chocolate-flavored snacks, or you can create a back-to-school care pack with some notebooks and minimalistic stationery. Always keep an eye on trends and current events, you can be the first to offer what potential customers will want and need.