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I would like to share with you how some people managed to take over and tweek someone else’s business in such a way that it is now generating millions of income annually. If you are very interested to start up your own business but do not have any idea the type of business you want [&hellip

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SETUP helps Apo ni Lola become the Mother of Food Tourism

After receiving assistance from DOST in the form of a P448,000 grant for equipment upgrade plus training and consultancy, the staff of Davao-based Apo ni Lola, makers of mostly durian-based goodies and ice cream, have something to smile about. “We expand our market every year. I can say we have a 100% increase in sales,” [&hellip

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Father-Son Tandem Starts “Hog-ging” Processed Meat

Engr. Fortunato H. Lim is starting his processed meat business with his son, Richard. Having a knack for business, he always grabs every business opportunity that comes his way. He got the idea of processed meat production when both father and son attended an Off-Center Course on Meat Processing in Cebu. A group of businessmen organized the course with ATI-International Training [&hellip

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The house that polvoron built

The story of the House of Polvoron is one that strikes a chord among readers simply because it’s a story of triumph borne out of hard work. It’s that often told tale of how a small family business grew from strength to strength to eventually emerge as one of the market leaders in its field. [&hellip

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Pat the Carrot Queen: From a plain housewife to a profit-earning farmer

Patria Zamora or simply “Pat” to her colleagues doesn’t mind being called “The Carrot Queen”. In fact, it makes sense because carrot, according to her, is her preferred vegetable crop. “It’s the most marketable so I always plant them. They have fewer pests, they don’t require too much fertilizer so they are easy to manage [&hellip

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Trailblazing Success in Agripreneurship

“My mind is like a machine that never stops working. All farmers must have a blue print of their dreams for them grow and flourish.” – Mr. Ruben M. Ragas, Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte. Gone are those days when farming was exclusively meant for family’s daily consumption. Mr. Ruben M. Ragas, 46, from Cabadbaran [&hellip

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How to be a Confident Pig Raiser with a Heart?

Who would have thought that an Aeronautical Engineer by profession finds himself madly and deeply into pig farming and chooses it over what he is more than qualified for? Well for this man, his heart’s rhythm tracks a cost. If he doesn’t follow it, he would have to spend the rest of his life wishing [&hellip

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A CPAR vegetable farmer in Ifugao proves there is money in organic

The government has been consistent in its promotion of the organic agriculture to address food security, sustain human health, and protect environment. However, most farmers still prefer conventional farming due to a widely-held public perception that shifting to organic farming will decrease their production. With years of practicing conventional farming, farmers have come to associate [&hellip

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Succeesful Dairy Cow Production: Luce’s Formula

When are cows considered dairy cows? Are they still dairy cows when there is zero milk production? How can they produce if no one milks them? How can they be milked if none gets pregnant? Funny questions yet posed real problems in Cuenca. Connoted as is, questions provide one life-long lessons and real-life practical skills [&hellip

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