People are busier than ever and the world around them hasn’t changed. Groceries still need to be bought, deliveries still need to be made, gifts still need to be bought, etc. You can take advantage of the needs of these hyper-busy people by running an ERRAND SERVICE.

errand service business

In essence, what you do is run errands for people and get paid for it. Think it sounds like a kid’s business? Well, you won’t make kid money! If you are in a good sized metropolitan area with steady clients, you can make lots of money!

You won’t need much to start off with. You’ll, of course, need a reliable car or, better yet, a van. The only real expenses at the start are: business cards and business stationery; a phone; and postage. Make a list of large businesses in your area, ones with large numbers of well-paid executives, such as banks, headquarters of large manufacturers, etc. You should then compose a letter detailing your services. List as many timesaving services as you can think of: grocery pickup, dry-cleaning delivery and pickup, document processing and delivery, gift-shopping services, food pickup and delivery, etc.

Note: Don’t transport people or children unless you have the proper licenses. Emphasize to these people how they will BENEFIT from your service: more time, less worries, less stress.

Be competitive with your pricing. Call other delivery services in the area and find out what they charge, whether hourly or by the job. Make your prices competitive and your services personal, and you’ll get the edge.

Four other good ideas for publicizing your services: advertise in charity event publications that are read by executives; get permission to post your business card at dry cleaners, grocery stores, bakeries, upscale food stores and delis, etc.; produce press releases about your services showcasing a unique aspect of your business, i.e. you specialize in delivering wedding cakes, for example, and get them to all the newspapers and local magazines in the area; and notify senior citizen organizations about the services you offer.

Hints: Know your way around your area extremely well so you can plan the quickest route to efficiently accomplish all your errands. Be assertive, both with potential clients and with places you are visiting for a client. Be friendly, and you’ll get more return business. Also, be confidential in respect for your clients.

If you’re willing to hustle, you can make it in the errand business. Once you get that first steady client, if you’re good, you can count on word-of- mouth business. Then you’ll really be rolling!