It turns out that in a rice cooker, you can cook rice and soup, tacos, cheesecakes, ribs, and other unusual dishes. Read this article and see it for yourself.

The first automatic rice cooker appeared in Japan in 1955. Since then, these household appliances have evolved into cooking rice to better match the exacting taste of the Japanese people. Of course, the producers primarily focused on white sticky Japanese rice. At the same time, a small group of gastronomic adventurers managed to show the world that these culinary masterpieces are capable of more than just making rice.

Advantages of a rice cooker

This device can solve a wide range of tasks related to how to cook all kinds of food quickly. Numerous modes diversify your diet. As a result, you can boast of new successes in your culinary skills. It is worth such a tasty meal, like milk porridge or pilaf, or healthy dishes, instantly prepared in pressure cooker mode.

  • Delayed start. You can do household chores or even leave home while the rice cooker will cook the set dishes. In our opinion, this is the main benefit of the rice cooker.
  • Multitasking. Unlike a conventional pan, many device models allow you to cook not only cereals and pilaf but also pastries, yogurts, bread, etc. That is, diversity is more than enough.
  • Convenience. Teflon, covering the working bowl, will not allow dishes to burn, and milk to leave the container. You have no need to use oil, although a little drop will never hurt.
  • Safety. If you follow all rice cooker instructions, you will never be afraid of splashing oil or bursting out hot steam. 

So what can you cook in a rice cooker? We share our 10 favorite rice cooker recipes. Could you choose the one you like and try it?

Cauliflower Rice

This recipe is a discovery for everyone who is following the keto diet. Minimum calories, maximum taste, and benefits, affordable products! Mixing it with the best MCT oil, you will get a perfect keto dinner. It looks like real rice, but more airy, tender, crumbly! And do you know how much time it will take you to prepare such a side dish? Exactly 10 minutes! If you want, eat as an independent dish, but you can cook such cauliflower rice in a rice cooker as a side dish for any meat or salad.

French pumpkin soup

This soup belongs to the group of so-called dishes of the second day, that is, it becomes tastier if you let them brew for a day. It has a very delicate texture and fantastic aroma.

pumpkin soup in bowl

Chicken Cheese Pie

Children especially love this cake. It is effortless to cook it by mixing all the ingredients, putting the mixture in a rice cooker, and waiting for 40 minutes. It is an excellent option for a hearty breakfast for the whole family and a festive meal for guests.

Rack of pork ribs

Everyone likes barbecue. However, not everyone knows that a delicious and tender rack of pork ribs can be made using a rice cooker. It will take a longer time than grilling, but it’s worth it. The ribs will be very delicate and soft. Try using oil instead of water in a rice cooker, and you will get them crusty.

grilled pork ribs on brown wooden tray

Hottok?ki (Japanese Hot Cake)

One of the unique dishes that can be cooked in a rice cooker is pancakes. Usually, they are fried in a pan and served with butter or maple syrup, but in a rice cooker, the dough for pancakes turns into a fluffy hotto cake.

Matcha green tea cake

It’s easy to give the cake an unusual Japanese exotic – add some matcha powder tea to the mixture. It will not only add color to the dish but also add originality to its taste and aroma. To make such a pie, follow the standard instructions and add ghee to the matcha mixture.

Banana pie

This banana pie is prepared very simply, and it is hard to believe that it is made in a rice cooker. To make a banana pie, line the bottom of the rice cooker with chopped banana and pour the melted butter. Beat an egg with other ingredients in a bowl to make the dough light. Pour it on bananas and butter and enjoy the delicate taste.

Chocolate fondue

Melt the chocolate in a rice cooker bowl. You can add a little amount of coconut oil in a rice cooker for a delicate aroma. The heat holding function will keep the chocolate in a molten state. Pour fruits onto skewers, dip them in chocolate, and enjoy the taste!

Classic Pancakes

In a rice cooker, pancakes are also easy to cook. Just pour the dough into the inner pot and turn on the device. There you can add fruits, chocolate, cocoa, or any other ingredients. The device will do the rest for you.

pancakes on palte


Some homemakers believe that the maximum baked in a rice cooker is a classic biscuit, and many people get it either dry or not baked on top. Making desserts in a rice cooker is just a matter of skill. You can even cook a cheesecake in the instant pot rice cooker.


A Rice cooker is an essential device in the kitchen of every healthy food lover. At first, it may seem that such a purchase is not very important, but after the first use, the fact of its necessity will be clear. The smart device allows you to cook rice of various types and consistencies without much hassle and many other dishes. Cooking in a rice cooker will help you keep healthy nutrients in your meal and maximize your health benefits.

Do you have a rice cooker? Have you tried cooking anything other than rice in it? What is your favorite recipe?

Author bio: My name is Adam Reeve and I have been a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years. Also, I’m a life coach, wellness writer, and low carb diets, enthusiast.