Imagine the smell of roasted fine ground coffee beans, brewed and poured in a cup. Now scrap that and imagine the same freshly-roasted ground coffee being slathered on the face and the body as part of a beauty regimen. The lush coffee aroma does not only make the skin smell amazing, it also has the ability to exfoliate leaving the skin polish as well.

Feeding your skin with coffee 1

Packaged and bottled into a two-in-one wonder product called “Coffee Body Scrub and Massage Cream”— a result of years of study led by Dr. Estela Taño of the Green Rescue Organic Association, Incorporated (GRO, Inc.).

This research initiative was part of the outputs of a project titled, “Promotion of Organic Coffee and Cacao under Coconut in Candelaria, Quezon” implemented by the Quezon Agricultural Research and Experiment Station (QARES) in Tiaong, Quezon in 2011-2014. Funded by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), under its National Technology Commercialization Program (NTCP), the project aimed to promote organic production technology for coffee and cacao under coconut plantation.

One of the activities undertaken under the project was product development using materials from organic plantations and marketing of these farm products. “Value-adding activities and establishing new markets were implemented to increase people’s income, divert them from uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources in the area and to show them that they do not have to migrate in search of better jobs once enterprises have been put in place,” explained Dr. Taño.

Public appearance

The Coffee Body Scrub and Massage Cream was first introduced by the group of Dr. Taño in 2015. It was one of the featured products of GRO, Inc. at their booth during the 11th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition (NTF) on 7-9 August 2015 at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. The event was organized and spearheaded by BAR in support to the funded researches implemented by partner-institutions all over the country.

Feeding your skin with coffee 2

The product took the limelight further when it won the second prize for the “Best New Product Award” during the 2015 NTF. All the entries for that year were evaluated based on creativity and uniqueness, relevance to food security, health and wellness, good product attributes, packaging and labeling, and market potential and competitiveness.

The product was adjudged as a winner because the product provided a good option for coffee farmers in terms of marketability, especially in cases when the price of coffee is low. According to the judges, “Tuloy-tuloy lang ang production nila ng kape kahit mababa ang presyo ng bentahan, kasi sure sila na may market pa rin, at equally-competitive prices kahit papano.”

According to Dr. Taño, the product is being marketed under the trademark Masalukot, named after a mountain in Candelaria, Quezon Province, which was also the site of the project. The Masalukot Black Gold Coffee Body Scrub and Massage Cream comes in two sizes: small (120ml) and big (250ml) which are sold for Php199 and Php399, respectively.

All-natural body scrub and massage cream

“Who would want to rub chemicals on their skin when there is an all-natural alternative?” asked Dr. Taño to the attendees during the BAR Seminar Series on 23 June 2016 wherein “Coffee Body Scrub and Massage Cream in One” was one of the two featured topics.

According to the presentation of Dr. Taño, “this new coffee body scrub uses all-natural ingredients not found in ordinary chemical-based body scrub and exfoliators.”

When asked why a coffee body scrub and massage cream in one, she cited [at least] five benefits of the products. “Because it has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, temporary cellulite reduction effect, improves blood circulation, reduces eye puffiness and makes skin super smooth and clean.”

She added that aside from being an “amazing exfoliant”, the product itself has caffeine, an effective stimulant when consumed as beverage but has “lesser known benefits” when it comes to its effects when applied on the skin.

“Caffeine helps tighten the skin and helps reduce cellulite. When applied under and around the eyes, it can minimize the appearance of puffy eyes because caffeine restricts blood vessels, reduces swelling and inflammation. It can also help treat non-hereditary dark circles under the eyes,” she explained.

She added that “caffeine is loaded with antioxidants which help fight premature skin aging, wrinkles, sun spots and fine lines.”

However, she mentioned that not all coffee scrubs are created equal since according to her, the caffeine content of the coffee scrub is an important factor. “Some coffee scrubs use recycled brewed coffee grounds which means much of the caffeine content is depleted. This new coffee body scrub is made from the finest roasted ground beans ever thus, cannot be compared with any other known body scrub,” she explained.
Do-It-Yourself body scrub and massage cream

During the seminar, Dr. Taño demonstrated how an individual can prepare the product even at the comfort of their own homes. Among the basic materials were: 150 grams roasted fine ground coffee beans, 300 ml Virgin Coconut Oil, and 5 grams beeswax.

“Heat all together under low fire for about 30 to 45 minutes. Stir occasionally. Let it cool. Pour in suitable containers and label,” she methodically explained.

She also demonstrated how the product is used. “First, shake the bottle, put drops of the coffee scrub on the skin. Rub gently on the skin. Dead skin cells and dirt will fall off. Continue scrubbing until the skin is clean and smooth.” She also cautioned users that “they may experience perspiring indicating that the skin pores had been opened, just dry with a towel.” ###Rita T. dela Cruz (

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