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Sprouted Mongo (Toge)

Sprouted Mongo (Toge) or mung bean sprout can be made from both mongo seeds or soybeans. Sprouted mongo or mung bean sprout can be mix with other vegetables to make a lumpia or in any stir fry dishes or can be used as garnish. Here’s the procedure on how you can sprout a mongo beans. Procedure: 1. [&hellip

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Accelerating Change in the Countryside Thru Equity Sharing Strategy (ACCESS)

LAND BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES (LBP)1598 M.H. Del Pilar corner Dr. J. Quintos Streets, Malate, Manila Program Title: ACCELERATING CHANGE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE THRU EQUITY SHARING STRATEGY (ACCESS) Program Objective: To catalyze countryside development by promoting livelihood and rural employment, and by priming up local agri-related and off-farm economic projects to raise productivity and income [&hellip

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How to Make Gelatin from Seaweeds

Seaweeds must be harvested from the sea very early in the morning or while the tide is still low. Procedure: 1. Wash the seaweeds very well, drain and dry (Spread over a wire or bamboo screen for the purpose) for a week.2. To remove the fishy odor and taste, soak and dry the seaweeds in [&hellip

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MFI Employees Loan Facility

PEOPLE’S CREDIT AND FINANCE CORPORATION (PCFC)2F, Accelerando Building, 395 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City Program Title: MFI EMPLOYEES LOAN FACILITY Program Objectives: To augment the MFI’s employees’ income by financing MFI’s loan program for them, thereby supporting the government’s efforts to reduce widespread poverty in the country. Eligible Borrowers:– PCFC to MFI – [&hellip

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Sustainable Partnership for Eco-Enterprises Development (SPEED)

Sustainable Partnership for Eco-Enterprises Development (SPEED) Program Objectives:– To harness the entrepreneurial capacities of the marginalized sector through direct and effective delivery of financial and enterprise development services that are appropriate to community-based enterprises, development organizations and social entrepreneurs.-To provide assistance to those emerging enterprises that promote eco-enterprise principles. Eligible Borrowers:– Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)– People’s [&hellip

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How to Make Mayonnaise

Food business idea: How to Make Mayonnaise The basic ingredients for making mayonnaise are lemon juice or vinegar, salad oil or winterized oil not less than 65% or 2/3, egg yolk or whole egg, and sugar, salt and spices (paprika, mustard) and MSG. However, substitutions may be made. Materials:1 cup lard (or cooking oil) 28°C1 [&hellip

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Preserved Colostrum can Replace Whole Milk

Based on research findings conducted by PCARRD-DOST and UP at Los Baños, colostrum, a dark yellow mammary secretion which precedes normal milk flow, can be preserved to totally replace whole milk in the diet of nursing calves. Replaced whole milk can then be processed for human consumption. Compared to whole milk, colostrum contains a higher [&hellip

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Papaya Jam

Food business idea: Papaya Jam Here’s the recipe on how you can make your homemade papaya easily. Materials: 4 cups mashed ripe papaya, 31/2 cups sugar, 1/3 cup kalamansi juice Procedure:1. Ripe papaya is peeled and the seeds removed. The clean papaya is mashed to a fine pulp.2. Strain through a coarse perforated strainer and [&hellip

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Coco Coir Business Integration and Development program (COCOBIND)

Coco Coir Business Integration and Development program (COCOBIND) Program Objectives:– To contribute to the creation of business and employment opportunities for the coconut farmers and their families.– To contribute to the further development of the coco-coir industry in the country. Eligible Borrowers:– Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)– People’s Organizations (POs)– Primary Cooperatives and Coop-Federations– Industry Associations– Single [&hellip

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