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Papaya Jam

Food business idea: Papaya Jam Here’s the recipe on how you can make your homemade papaya easily. Materials: 4 cups mashed ripe papaya, 31/2 cups sugar, 1/3 cup kalamansi juice Procedure:1. Ripe papaya is peeled and the seeds removed. The clean papaya is mashed to a fine pulp.2. Strain through a coarse perforated strainer and [&hellip

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Coco Coir Business Integration and Development program (COCOBIND)

Coco Coir Business Integration and Development program (COCOBIND) Program Objectives:– To contribute to the creation of business and employment opportunities for the coconut farmers and their families.– To contribute to the further development of the coco-coir industry in the country. Eligible Borrowers:– Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)– People’s Organizations (POs)– Primary Cooperatives and Coop-Federations– Industry Associations– Single [&hellip

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How to Delay the Ripening of Banana

Bananas (also other fruits and vegetables) emits gas called “ethylene.” The presence of this gas inside the enclosed bags when transported for shipment coupled with high temperature hasten the fruit’s ripening process. at Pexels A food expert devised a new, low-cost treatment for prolonging the storage life of bananas and other fruits and vegetables [&hellip

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Dried Mango – Fruit Processing

Dehydrated mango is obtained from rare-ripe carabao mangoes dried through the principle of osmosis followed by drying with the use of a cabinet dryer. The finished product is golden yellow with a semi-translucent, plump appearance, chewable texture, which is neither crisp or leathery and a flavor characteristic of sweetened mango. Dried mangoes can be eaten [&hellip

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Micro-Energy Credit Program

PEOPLE’S CREDIT AND FINANCE CORPORATION (PCFC) 2F, Accelerando Building, 395 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City Program Title: MICRO-ENERGY CREDIT PROGRAM Program Objectives: To support reforms and priority investments to improve the quality of life in rural areas through the provision of adequate, affordable and reliable energy services specifically the small-scale renewable energy solar [&hellip

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Bio-Control of Crop Diseases

Many of our local plants contain helpful chemicals, particularly alkaloids, that are effective against fungal and bacterial diseases of other plants. Thus, they are mixed with the soil to control the fungus that causes the diseases of seedlings. Allow the leaves to decompose for about one week before transplanting the seedlings. Some of these leaves [&hellip

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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Lending Program (SMED)

OPPORTUNITY KAUSWAGAN BANK, INC. A & L Building, E. Lopez Street, Jaro, Iloilo City Program Title: MICRO, SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT LENDING PROGRAM (SMED) Program Objective: A lending program for mainstreaming micro financing clients, micro, small and medium enterprises, open to individuals, partnerships, corporations and cooperatives for purposes of export financing, credit line, permanent [&hellip

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Easy Pondong Pang-Asenso (EPPA)

Easy Pondong Pang-Asenso (EPPA) Program Objective: A lending program that is specifically packaged to address the financing needs of small entrepreneurs. The program accommodates new/start-up and existing projects with easy collateral requirements and simpler documentation procedures. Eligible Projects: – Manufacturing; – Agri-business and agro-processing (except farm level production); and, – Services (including trading and merchandising). [&hellip

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Wholesale Microfinance Program

Wholesale Microfinance Program A lending facility of Small Business Corporation to microfinance institutions (MFIs) which have the organizational capability or strength to provide sustainable credit access to borrowers in the livelihood sector. Target End-Borrowers: Pre-enterprise micros, which are either start-up or graduating micros. Type of Facility: Credit Line Microfinance Facilities: – MICRO-LEAD. Micro-lending through lead [&hellip

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