Flowers are much enjoyed and even more admired. If you are thinking about using flowers, you’ll find that the use of artificial flowers like those found in florist water pearls, can be a great option. They do not need watering. They are elegant and can be created according to your exacting plans. Artificial flowers are elegant, easy to care for and allow you to add color and life to any occasion. You can make your own at home.

The Occasion

One of the first things you want to think about is the occasion you are planning to use these flowers. Flowers will be different for Christmas than for a bridal shower. You’ll also want to think about where you are going to use them. If you are thinking about bringing them to the wedding venue, this should be considered as you create the flowers. The same is true if you are planning to use them largely at home to welcome people in for a summer celebration. The occasion should dictate the results you want in the final product.

The Colors You Want

Colors play a strong role in any room and should play a role in the kind of artificial flowers you plan to create. A good color scheme for your flowers is dependent on the kind of colors you like personally. Some people prefer colors for their artificial flowers that are made from basic primary colors. These can be striking and easy to work with. Others like the idea of having colors that are less intense. A pastel color scheme is an idea that can work with many plans. Think about using several different colors or variations of a single color like shades of blue.

Start With the Right Materials

It all starts with the kind of material you intend to use. You want to have the right materials on hand before you start. Artificial flowers can be made from many different kinds of materials. You might start with a strong paper that can stand up to a lot of work. Then you want to think about how you’re going to cut it. A sharp pair of scissors is a must. Items like ribbon and wire can be added to shape the flowers and give them the look you want when they are done.

Adding Details

Adding details to your flowers can be done in many ways. The use of silvery material brings the eye to the flower and helps bring the vision you have in mind to live. Other details can help the overall idea. If you are looking for something that’s playful and fun, consider the use of polka dots or stripes. You can paint them on white paper and then use them to create the flowers you want. Other materials also add interest to the final product. For example, spray-painting a grouping of flowers makes them come alive and look even better.

The Process

The process of creating the flowers should also take in mind the kind of results you are trying to achieve. You should decide if you want a bouquet with lots of different types of flowers or a single group of flowers such as lots of roses. The material can be applied with glue against the plain paper and then allowed to set. Simple shapes such as hearts and circles can be pressed together in order to get flowers that look good to your eyes. It’s best to allow at least a day to get the results in order before you begin.

Showing Them Off

Showing off your results can be done in so many ways. Just like real flowers, you’ll want to think about where they are going to be held. A vase is a good choice that works just as well with artificial flowers as it does with real ones. Artificial flowers can also be taped directly to the walls in your home or the place where you are bringing them to such as a wedding reception or a hall for a party for a new baby. Well crafted flowers are easier than ever to create and should be shown off.


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