Retard the Ripening of mangoes (Hot Water Treatment)

Hot water treatment (HWT) retards the ripening of mangoes without affecting its taste; makes the color of ripening brighter and evenly, and does not require the use of pesticides chemicals because the fruits are not infected by bacteria or pests.


1. Prepare two containers of hot water. This may be half of a drum or similar, according to the quantity of mangoes to be treated. One drum that contains hot water will be for immersing the mangoes, and the other will be for maintaining the heat of the water used for immersing.

2. The heat of the water should be within 52°C-55°C range. To maintain this heat, it is necessary to use a bulb thermometer.

3. Immerse soonest the newly harvested mature mangoes for 10 minutes.

4. Cool the mangoes in running water after immersing.

5. Air dry the mangoes before storing in container.

Source: PCARRD-DA Farmnews Mar.-Apr. 1991