The original “tahu” made from soybean milk is a favorite snack food to both children and adults. However, a substitute material like coconut, can also be used in making “tahu”.

taho or tahu

The use of agar-agar (gulaman) and whole coconut milk produced rich, creamy, and milky-white product similar in appearance and taste with that of soybean milk “tahu”.

Coconut Tahu

1. Mix equal parts of the pure coconut milk and water, then heat
2. Meanwhile, dissolve and heat 1/4 bar of gulaman. Strain and add this to the mixture heated from 60-75oC with continuous stirring for 20 minutes.
3. Pour the liquid in a container, let cool to gel.

For the syrup, mix 2 cups water with 1 cup brown sugar or panutsa, then heat until it becomes sticky.

Developed by NIST researchers Nelmarie G. Baquiran, Rosario T. Genato and Olympia N. Gonzales

Source: Health & Home, January 1981