Program Title: Negosyo Credit Program for Government Employees (“Puhunang Pangnegosyo Para sa Kawani ng Gobyerno”)

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Program Objectives:
* To provide government employees thru their cooperatives and/or employee associations, access to GFIs/GOCCs negosyo
funds to finance alternative livelihood projects which the employee and/or his family wish to engage in;
* To support government thrust of providing income augmenting negosyo projects to government employees.

Eligible Borrowers:
* Conduit – Government Employee Cooperatives or Government Employee Associations
* Sub-borrower – regular permanent employees

Accreditation Criteria:
* For Government Employee Cooperatives
o Coop must be in operation and profitable for the last 2 years
o With membership of at least 50
o Debt equity ratio of 6:1 after financing
o Liquidity ratio of 1:1
o Past due ratio of not more than 15%
o Risk asset ratio not less than 10%
o Certificate of good standing from CDA (as to compliance to basic requirements) acquired at most 2 years prior to

* For Employee Association
o Has relending authority
o Must be in operation and registered positive net worth for the last 2 years
o With committed and active membership of at least 50;
o Presence of management team; complete and well managed records, accounting, and internal control systems
o Satisfactory financial standing based on evaluation of wholesale funder

Loan Purpose: For livelihood projects of employee and/or their families. Loans are not meant for consumption.

Basic Features:
* Wholesale lending program to be implemented by GFIs/GOCCs with government employee cooperatives/ associations as
relending institution;

* Proposed lending program will follow normal lending procedures/ requirements for microfinance, e.g.:
o Uncollateralized loans starting at P3,000 given in cycles of 3 -6 months
o Gradual increase in loan size based on project success/ repayment record, etc.
o Group or individual liability
o Bi monthly or monthly repayments

* Loan repayment automatically deducted from employee’s salary;
* Interest rate and service fees shall be according to existing practice.


Loan Amount:
* GFI to Employee Coops/Associations – based on evaluation
* Employee Coops/Associations to End-Clients – maximum of P150 Thousand per employee

Interest Rate:
* GFI to Employee Coops/Associations – 12% per annum
* Employee Coops/Associations to End-Clients – based on existing lending policies of the cooperative/ association

Repayment Term / Mode of Payment:
* GFI to Employee Coops/Associations – maximum of 2 years; eight quarterly amortizations for a 2 year PN
* Employee Coops/Associations to End-Clients – maximum of 2 years; mode of payment is based on existing lending policies of the cooperative/association

* GFI to Employee Coops/Associations – Post dated checks of the coops; Deed of Assignment of end clients’ PN
* Employee Coops/Associations to End-Clients – based on existing lending policies of the cooperative/association
Basic Documentary Requirements for Government Employee

Coops / Associations:
* Certificate of Registration with CDA (for government coops) or SEC (for government employee associations)
* Copy of Articles of Incorporation and By – Laws
* Information sheet of BDO and Officers
* Board Resolution authorizing cooperatives/ associations to borrow and designating at least 2 officers to negotiate and sign loan documents
* Financial Statements for the last 2 years and interim FS at time of application
* Copy of the Cooperative’s/ Association’s lending policies

Participating Agencies:
* Development Bank of the Philippines
* Land Bank of the Philippines
* People’s Credit and Finance Corporation
* Quedan Rural & Credit Guarantee Corporation
* Small Business (SB) Corporation

Contact Details:
Head Office: Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave. cor. Makati Avenue, Makati City

Dulce Q. Ranosa
Senior Assistant Vice President
DBP-Head Office
5th Floor, DBP Building
Makati Ave. cor. Gil J. Puyat Avenue
Ext., 1200 Makati City
Direct Line : (632) 840.5356
Trunkline : (632) 818.9511 local 2557
Fax: (632) 894.4927

Eduardo Z. Rivera
Acting RMC Head/Asst. Vice President
RMC-Northeastern Luzon
2nd Floor, DBP Building
Osmena, National Highway
Ilagan, 3500 Isabela
Direct Line : (6378) 624.0877; 622.2273
Fax: (6378) 622.2272/2273

Perla S. Soleta
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC/Northwestern Luzon
2nd Floor, DBP Building
M. H. Del Pilar St.
2400 Dagupan City
Direct Line : (6375) 515.8937; 523.7836
Fax: (6375)

Ma. Teresita S. Tolentino
RMC Head/Vice President
RMC-Metro Manila
2nd Floor, DBP Building
Commonwealth Avenue
1121 Quezon City
Direct Line : (632) 920.4781; 920.4715
Fax: (632) 920.4776/920.4903

Herminio C. Catahan
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC-Central Luzon
Dona Isa Fel Building
Dolores, McArthur Highway
San Fernando City, 2000 Pampanga
Direct Line : (6345) 961.0003; 961.4782
Fax: (6345) 963.1231

Rolando N. Gordovez
RMC Head/Asst. Vice President
RMC-Southern Tagalog
2nd Floor, DBP Building
Merchan St., 4301 Lucena City
Direct Line : (6342) 373.1917; 373.4404
Fax: (6342) 373.4404

Abelardo L. Monarquia
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
3rd Floor, DBP Building
Quezon Avenue, 4500 Legaspi City
Direct Line : (6354) 472.4728; 472.4729
Fax: (6354) 472.4727

Rodelio L. Labit
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC-RMC Eastern Visayas
2nd Floor, DBP Building
Corner Zamora and Paterno Sts.
Tacloban City, 6500 Leyte
Direct Line : (6353) 325.2958 to 2960
Fax: (6353) 325.2961

Rosalio Dagondon
RMC Head/Vice President
RMC – Central Visayas
Mezzanine Floor, DBP Building
Osmena Blvd., 6000 Cebu City
Direct Line : (6332) 255.6310; 255.7410
Fax: (6332) 253.6951

Rosalio Melanie Pama
Acting RMC Head/ Asst. Vice President
RMC – Panay
Mezzanine Floor, DBP Building
I. Dela Rama St., 5000 Iloilo City
Direct Line : (6333) 336.6432; 337.6330
Fax: (6332) 335.7567

Ame Cris C. Toledo
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC – Negros
Mezzanine Floor, DBP Building
corner South Capital & Lacson Sts.
6100 Bacolod City
Direct Line : (632) 818.9511 local 2557
Fax: (632) 894.4927

Edgar N. Seronay
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC-Northern Mindanao
2nd Floor, DBP Building
Corrales Avenue cor. Tirso Neri St.
9000 Cagayan de Oro City
Direct Line : (6388) 231.4266; 309.4266
Fax: (6388) 723.316

Sisinio S. Narisma
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC-Northeastern Mindanao
J. C. Aquino Ave. corner J. Rosales
Avenue, 8600 Butuan City
Direct Line : (6385) 815.6036; 341.5136
Fax: (6385) 815.1627

Neogen M. Chavez
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC-Southern Mindanao
2nd Floor, DBP Building
Roxas Avenue, General Santos City
Direct Line : (6383) 552.2328; 552.4514
Fax: (6383) 301.1688

Fernando G. Lagahit
RMC Head/Sr. Asst. Vice President
RMC-Southeastern Mindanao
2nd Floor, DBP Building
C. M. Recto, 8000 Davao City
Direct Line : (6382) 221.2620; 222.3478
Fax: (6382) 221.2517

Catalina A. Marquez
RMC Head/Manager
RMC-Western Mindanao
DBP Building, Don P. Lorenzo St.
Port Area, 7000 Zamboanga City
Direct Line : (6362) 992.7865; 991.1316
Fax: (6362) 991.0359