This is a simple procedure on how to make cooking oil and cheese using coconut milk. Coconut cooking oil and coconut cheese making.


coconut cooking oil and cheese


1. Weigh the grated coconut and press by the hands in a cheesecloth to extract the cream. Set aside.
2. To the second extraction, add 1 liter of water for every kilo of grated coconut.
3. Repeat extraction, reducing the water added to 1/2 as previously added.
4. Combine the second, third extractions, strain through a cheesecloth, measure and set aside.
5. Prepare the saturated salt solution: 37 cups salt for every 100 gms. water or2 cups salt for every litter water. Strain.
6. Combine the saturated salt solution with the second and third extraction, mix thoroughly for 15 minutes.
7. Transfer to a clear container with a drain at the bottom and allow the cream to separate from the skin for half an hour.
8. Remove the lower layer and repeat No. 6. Set aside salt washings.
9. Add water to the cream (after salt washing): 1 part water for every 3 parts cream and mix thoroughly for 15 minutes.
10. Let stand for 30 minutes or until the cream separate from the water. Remove the cream and repeat the washing operations.
11. Heat the washed cream until the jelly-like brown proteinaceous mass separates from the oil.

Cheese Making

1. Collect the “salt washings” obtained from producing the cooking oil.
2. Allow the solution to form “curds” by means of heating.
3. Dry the curd portion in a cheesecloth. Wrap in plastic bags and store in refrigerator.

The protein content of the cheese obtained from coco cream is 33.19%. Storage life will last for 6-7 days when refrigerated.

Source: Teknotulong

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