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How to Make Fruit Candies and Preserves

Candied fruits also known as crystallized fruit, are made by submerging fruit pieces in sugar syrup solutions of gradually increasing strength, then drying. During the soaking, sugar is absorbed by the fruit and moisture is lost from the fruit. Shelf-life: The preservation relies on the high sugar and the low moisture content. They can be kept [&hellip

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Why a Business Has a Voluntary Recall Of a Product

Every day the Food and Drug Administration receives voluntary recalls from companies. Consumers have the option to sign up on their website to receive email alerts about product recalls. So, why would a company voluntarily recall a product? If no one has reported a problem, why would the company go out of its way to [&hellip

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Fibers from Water Lily Stem

Most of our users are clogged with water lilies or hyacinths. These fast growing plants are hazardous to sea travels They also cause skin allergies. However, the Technology and Livelihood Research Center (TLRC) found that water lilies could be a good substitute for leather in shoes and bag making. There is at present leather and [&hellip

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Fashion Accessories and Supplies

The Fashion and fashion accessories Suppliers Directory is a listing of businesses supplying business owners of raw materials, tools, equipments and supplies for all your giveaways and souvenirs, handicrafts and fashion accessories making business. Alexis Marketing Inc. Products: Toys, cosmetics, ladies accessories, bags Contact: Philip Lao; Stall DS-8 CB1, Tutuban Center, C.M. Recto Ave., Tondo, [&hellip

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Green Business Tips

Operating a green business is not only good for the environment but also good for your business‘s bottom line because you can save money in the areas of waste reduction, equipment use, transportation, and building design. Here are some green business tips that you can do quickly and easily in your own business: 1. Turning [&hellip

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Declaration of 55,000 bags of P150 million worth of sugar from Thailand as clearly smuggled pressed as release in the market to hurt farmers

The sugar industry is pressing for a final declaration of 55,000 bags of sugar (P150 million worth) from Thailand as “smuggled” amid sinister attempts to release this to the market which will depress prices to farmers’ detriment. The Bureau of Customs (BOC) already decided last October 8 that the sugar volume is “clearly” illegally shipped. [&hellip

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