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Program Objective: A lending program for mainstreaming micro financing clients, micro, small and medium enterprises, open to individuals, partnerships, corporations and cooperatives for purposes of export financing, credit line, permanent working capital requirements and fixed asset acquisition (purchase of equipment, lot and inventories, building construction) and refinancing.

Eligible Borrowers:

– Individuals between 21-60 years old during the time of application
– With decent, legal and stable source of income
– Residing in present address for at least 3 years. Residence must be within the bank’s service area.
– No adverse credit findings and without any history of past due loans
– In good health and insurable
– No previous or pending court cases
– Not included in the Bank’s client negative list

MSMEs (Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations and Cooperatives):
– MSMEs that are at least 100% Filipino owned for single proprietorship or partnership, cooperatives and 60% if a corporation.
– MSMEs that within major sectors of the economy: Industry, services, practice of profession, tourism related establishments, agri-business.
– MSME with an asset size of less P3,000,001 and not more than P100,000,000.
– MSMEs must be duly registered with appropriate government agencies.
– At least three (3) year track record for existing MSMEs and one (1) year track record for start-up capital for newly established micro and small enterprises.
– MSMEs under a franchise agreement or franchisee.
- MSMEs owned by Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations and Cooperatives.
– BMBE (Barangay Micro Business Enterprises).

Note: MSMEs covered must not be a branch, subsidiary or division of a large scale enterprise. MSMEs must not be engaged in: Farm level crop, livestock and agra/aqua production; purely trading of imported goods; vice generating activities such as liquor, cigarettes extractive activities and housing projects.

Loan Purposes:
– For fixed assets financing: covers acquisition of fixed assets (equipment or motor vehicle acquisition; lot acquisition (limited to 25% of the total loan) and building construction and improvements.
– For small and permanent working capital: covers permanent working capital to finance the receivables and/or inventory and soft or intangible investments such as: trade fair participation; pre-operating expenses for expansion project; training; rental deposit; IT software packages; franchise development packages and others.
– For loan refinancing: covers any same of the above stated loan purposes from other banks and other financial institutions.


Loan Amount: Over P150,000.00; Maximum P10,000,000.00 (SBL)

Interest Rate: 16%-18% per annum

Maturity / Repayment:
– One (1) year to five (5) years
– Monthly (amortized)

– Real Estate; Chattel of Motor Vehicles; Serialized Equipment and other Acceptable Securities.

– Application Form
– Co-Maker’s Statement
– Xerox Copy of Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.), Driver’s License, Passport, SSS ID, PRC ID, Postal ID and any valid ID’s issued by the government, any two (2) valid ID
– Two (2) pieces 2” x 2” ID pictures of the borrower, spouse and co-borrower
– Original Court Clearance
– Machine copy of Income Tax Returns and Audited Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement) for the last three (3) years for existing MSMEs and at least one (1) year for start-up MSMEs.
– Bank Statements for the last six (6) months
– Machine copy of DTI Certificate of Registration, Mayor’s Permit/NFA License/Contractor’s License

– For Real Estate:
o Machine copy of Certificate of Title certified (all pages) by the Registry of Deeds
o Location and Vicinity Map signed and sealed by a Geodetic Engineer
o Machine copy of Tax Declaration
o Real Estate Tax Receipts and Tax Clearance

– For Chattels:
o Machine copy of LTO Certificate of Registration
o Machine copy of LTO Official Receipt
o 3 sets of Stencils of Engine and Chassis Number

– Project study or detailed business plan (for new projects and for expansion of existing project)
– Projected Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement with basic assumptions for the term of the loan
– Evidence/Affidavit of ownership of existing machinery/ies and equipment.
– Building Plan, Bill of Materials, Cost Estimates specifications of proposed improvements and building permits
– Price quotations and catalogs of machineries and equipment to be acquired
– Conditional Contract to sell for property/ies to be acquired
– Brief history of the business, partnership, cooperative and corporation

Additional Requirements for Partnerships, Corporations and Cooperatives:
– Notarized Board Resolution authorizing the management and its officers to obtain loan from the Bank and designating authorized officers as signatories
– Duly accomplished Basic Information Sheet
– Articles of Partnership and SEC Registration
– Bio-data of Board Members and Key Officers
– Notarized list of current Board Members, Key Officers, and current principal stockholders with their citizenship certified by Corporate Secretary
– Machine copy of Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and SEC Certificate of Registration
– Machine copy of CDA Certificate of Registration, Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws
– Certified list of active members as of latest date, indicating each one’s share in the cooperative’s paid-up capital
– Latest Interim Financial Statements

Contact Details:

Mr. Benjamin T. Montemayor, President and CEO
Phone: (6333) 320.4887
Fax: (6333) 320.8347
E-mail: kbankho@yahoo.com; okbankpres@yahoo.com
URL: www.omb.org.ph