Investor pitches can be nerve-wracking for any entrepreneur. Whether you’re experienced or not, getting to convince a room full of potential investors and building trust with them isn’t easy. If you thought that is a challenge, imagine having to do it on video call thanks to the recent paradigm shift.

Creating Virtual Presentations

The remote presentation can be twice as challenging, but you have to prepare for it. To help you do so, we have compiled the best tips to make your virtual presentation stand out. Keep reading to find out how you can build trust and persuade potential investors via video call.

Here is all the information you need.

  1. Be Compelling

There are important elements that can make your presentation compelling. Remember, a presentation only becomes as compelling as how you plan and execute it. The first thing you need is boldness. Show your audience that you understand your vision and how it will better the future for you and them.

Do not over-rely on data alone; make your presentation practical. Tell a story of the problem you want to solve and why that’s vital, and you’ll capture their imagination. Real-life examples also make your presentation concrete enough. But then, aim at being as brief as possible without forgetting anything.

  1. Create Instant Attention

According to research, a potential investor will decide whether you’re the right match 30 seconds into your presentation. Thus, it would help if you created a striking introduction to keep them glued to the end. It is best if you start by briefly mentioning the problems and the solutions you want to offer.

Besides, it is essential to show them your ideas, market potential, and the opportunities it has. Mention who’s in need, where they are, and why your product or service is ideal for them. Your audience will see a business opportunity in your pitch if you can do this correctly in your opening.

  1. Discuss Specifics
discuss specifics

Another vital thing you should ensure is that there’s some substance in your presentation. There’re lots of specifics you need to discuss to provide substance. First, you need to show your audience why the need in your presentation is critical. That will paint a vivid picture of the need for partnership.

Next, you need to research and define your target market. Indicate to them the size of the market you want to conquer. Then, go ahead and analyze your competition and show your advantage. Lastly, show in black and white the strategies you think will help you reach your target market.

  1. Make the Slides Readable

Your slides have to be readable for the audience to follow throughout. Being a virtual audience, there are a few elements you need. First, you need to use bullet points as they make any writing readable from afar. You should determine the intended distance and ensure the font size fits just right.

Besides, you need a color that stands out, especially for the background. Consider using timeline templates for your presentation as they come with different themes. You can also use imagery and graphics but be careful not to overload your presentation with them.

  1. Connect with your Audience
connect with your audience

It is essential to connect with your audience whenever you want to communicate. But then, it is easier to connect with a live audience than a virtual one. Thus, it would be best if you had effective ways to gauge the personalities of the people you’re presenting to and communicate more effectively.

Even though it is happening virtually, ensure that you establish eye contact. Besides, you should insert intervals and take time to read facial cues. That will make it easy to build a rapport with your audience. If you can do that, you can convince your audience that you have all it takes to succeed.

  1. Show Passion

Your passion can have tremendous effects on your pitch’s success. Your audience needs to see the fire on your belly as you show them all the necessary data. That will bring in some level of excitement and will energize your audience to listen to you further.

Everyone is interested in a pitch with fresh ideas in the industry. But then, the results are different when that pitch also comes with apparent inner passion. Remember, you will not get the desired results if your audience isn’t charged with your idea. Make it look like you enjoy and will handle the challenge.

  1. Practice Thoroughly

The final result depends on how well you prepare for the presentation. You will get the best results if you’re adequately prepared for it. One thing you should prepare for is questions. You cannot convince an audience if you cannot satisfactorily answer their questions on your presentation.

Thus, you should create a list of all the possible questions. It is easy to find possible questions if you have been in your business long enough, so you don’t have to rely on the presentation alone. You can also prepare your team to help with a few questions.

  1. Include a Call to Action

It is a good practice to end your pitch with a clear call to action. Since you want money to fund your project, your CTA should be around that topic. Start by mentioning the amount of money you need to finance the project. Remember also to say how you plan to spend it.

Usually, investors will not risk their money where there will be no returns. Show them that you will not waste the money on other things apart from what you have mentioned in your presentation. Besides, you should estimate the amount you expect to make and the investor’s exit strategy.


As mentioned earlier, impressing investors is never easy. You need to plan and prepare well to get the results you desire. The quality of your presentation will determine whether you win their hearts or not. Consider using the tips we have mentioned in this article to create your virtual presentation.