‘A big business starts small’, says Richard Branson. Well, does that sound hard to believe? How about quitting your nine-to-five laborious job and starting up a new venture from the scratch – let’s say becoming your own boss?

About 69% startups are home-based businesses. Why not start one!

Are you afraid it might not go as planned? Why not take a leap of faith and start from your backyard? Backyard! Yes.

business using your backyard

It is as simple as that. Your empty backyard space can be the best place to start up your homestead venture. Your backyard business would spare you from investing a hefty amount of money as a start-up capital investment.

However, to start up a business you should have some back-up money in order to make some investments. A proper plan and strategy is the key to expand your business and make it self-sustaining.

Almost 44% of home-based businesses are started with $5000 or less capital. Then what are you still thinking for?

12 Cost-effective Ideas To Start-up A Backyard Business

These ideas will help you to initiate a backyard business on-your-own:

1. Party Rentals

Leasing out your backyard for an event is the best idea to make some bucks if you have a well-maintained and renovated backyard. You might even spruce it up so that you have a never-ending list of clientele.

party rentals

Even if you can’t, you can use your backyard as a storage place for party equipment for example, tables, chairs, music equipment etc. and provide them out to party/wedding planners when needed.

2. Photography

What’s better than honing your photography skills in your backyard-based studio? From baby shoots to weddings and graduation ceremonies, you can cover it all.

You can first form a portfolio of your dear and near ones and then ask for referrals.

3. Pet Training

If you’re a pet lover and wish to stay around pets a bit longer, you can start your pet training service. Nobody would want to have an unruly dog as a pet.

If you have the skills of understanding animal behavior and training them accordingly, you can start up your training sessions in groups.

It might start from teaching the basic etiquettes of sitting, eating, listening attentively, and following commands to controlling aggressive and unwanted behaviors.

4. Yoga Instructor

Helping others constructively change their lives is a good way of serving humanity. So if you are a budding backyard entrepreneur who is also a fitness freak, then you can probably start giving yoga classes in your backyard.

yoga instructor

This would be a low-cost investment requiring only a bunch of yoga mats and mirrors to start with. As well as earning from this business, you would be able to keep track of your fitness as well.

5. Hairdresser Or Makeup Artist

Spending thousands of dollars each month at a salon isn’t the best idea for some. Getting some relaxation at one time and paying a huge amount for the services on the other, doesn’t help much.

If you have specialized skills as a hairdresser or a makeup artist, why not utilize your backyard space for a small-in house-salon that relatively charges less as compared to the other-big-names?

6. Car Detailing

Those who have know-how about cars can start over with a car cleaning and detailing business. You can even make your very own car shampoo at home.

You can provide all sorts of technical and mechanical assistance. A free car-wash offer on every detailing service can bring you a whole new lot of clients!

7. Vegetable Farming

The demand for processed and packaged foods is increasing day by day and has posed a lot of threats to our life and health. People with knowledge are moving toward organic produce. With prior knowledge and skills, you can set up a vegetable farm in your backyard.

vegetable farming

There’s a long list of vegetables that can be cultivated, for example, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, and turnips.

This would assist you in earning a respectable sum of money. However, in the winter season, you might face some difficulties. But they can be taken care of if you put up a sheltered shed in your backyard, just as they do in the nurseries, under artificial lighting.

8. Tutor

A strong and profit-generating business can be started from the comfort of your home.

There are never enough good teachers out there. You can provide online classes and cover your college expenses.  For instance, you can give tuition if you are a mathematician or an expert in Shakespeare literature. A one-to-one lesson class in your backyard can earn you huge sums of money, even up to $30 per hour.

You can start your tutoring website where you can hire writers from Ace Assignment to write engaging content for you.

9. Clothing Boutique

Fashion can never be outdated. Yes! Your sense of cloth styling and designing can make you own a future realistic fashion empire! But the first step could be your local backyard boutique. With your inspiring ideas, you can create a stir in the neighborhood.

10. Baker

Is your Grandma’s special cookie recipe still a family secret?


Set up a backyard bakery where you can offer treats ranging from delectable sweets to savory items all under one roof.

11. Bee Keeper

Setting up a bee colony might not be the best possible idea for some. But if you can bear the painful stings here and there once in a while, this might turn out to be a wonderful business for you. The bees can be raised to produce organic honey, soap, and other useful things.

12. Furniture Upcycling

Buying new furniture can be very heavy on the pocket. Old furniture from thrift shops and local antique stores can be polished and revived into a classic that can be sold at value-for-money price tags!

Tips To Market Your Business

Marketing is an essential part of running a business. The right sort of marketing can boost up your sales and give your business a boom. Therefore, a thriving business needs to be marketed to grow it into a professional success.

Here are some ways to make your business reach new heights every day:

1. Billboard, Community Groups & Word of Mouth

Advertising is very important when it comes to starting up a business. A bit of market research can give you an insight into customer behavior, buying patterns, and market trends.

When you have the basic knowledge at hand, you know what sort of marketing garners your customers’ attention best: a fancy billboard, posts in community groups, or through word of mouth.

2. Offer Complimentary Products And Services

Everybody loves gifts and surprises! Once you’ve established a good rapport in the market, use the opportunity to offer related products to expand your work. Customers are also pleased with discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers.


While you can have your pre-existing clients stick to your business, this might as well open up some space for potential new clients.

3. Create a Website To Advertise Your Product/Service

All thanks to the Internet that one can now easily set-up a low-cost Website and promote their products digitally. Shoppers can be reached out from your local area or other areas to promote awareness of your business.

create your website

You can share information regarding your business through making videos, hosting podcasts, or writing articles, all of which would get free traffic. Weekly Newsletters can also be sent via e-mail to keep in touch with old and new clients.

4. Join Other Companies To Market Your Product

Small businesses with limited marketing budgets should partner with other influencers and businesses to promote their credibility as a prospering name in the market. You might even ask other related businesses to keep your products by offering exclusive discounts to its customers. 

5. Take Advantage Of The Media

Doing something that would capture the attention of the media is free marketing. To get your business featured in the news you could try a couple of things in your local area like, sponsoring an event or setting up a community help centre.


Taking up your venture is challenging and profit-generating yet it might put your peace of mind at stake. Therefore, it is recommended that you should opt for a business that is in harmony with your hobbies and passion and thus creates new opportunities and good fortune for you.

However, it is never too late to give your dreams of a backyard-business a try. So why not start executing your ideas from today?

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