A great connection with the customer is essential to the success of any business. However, not all companies are great at relations with their customers because they are inefficient at their customer service. Philippine call centers are one of the best at doing this and here are some of the tips they follow to provide quality service.

  1. Smile

 4 Tips for a Great Customer Service 1

This is probably the most useful tip of all. A genuine smile can be all you need in order to establish an efficient and logical conversation with a customer.

In order to make your smile look genuine, simply relax, look the customer in the eye, and smile like you normally would. A dishonest smile can easily be spotted and make customers feel like a mere problem to be dealt with.

When it comes to interactions on the phone, your smile can still be heard. This is because voices more cheerful and enthusiastic with a smile. It’s the type of voice that customers like to hear when they call customer service.

  1. A Proper Greeting

4 Tips for a Great Customer Service 2

A good greeting will make any customer feel like they are welcome. This is especially true when they are calling for the first time; they don’t know what to expect from your customer service and a good greeting will put these anxieties to rest.

You simply must be warm and sincere; don’t go overboard. Follow up a good greeting with a statement that will make them feel like you are willing to help. Go examples are, “How may I help you?” and “What may I help you with today?”.

From there, simply relax and have a good, respectful conversation with your client. You don’t want it to seem like you are unnaturally reading a set of practiced lines to respond to their queries. However, this could be hard to while trying to sell a product or service. You can do this by steering the conversation around the product or service instead of going direct to the point.

Finally, never ever complain about your job to your customer. This is basically backstabbing your company to the wrong person.

  1. Use the Customer’s Language

4 Tips for a Great Customer Service 3

You will encounter more informal conversations than formal ones when doing customer service. Either what kind of call you attend to you must adapt to the way your client wishes to speak. Doing so will make them feel at home and the conversation will flow fluidly since there is a more unified understanding between the two of you. Speaking too formally may make an informal speaking feel like he is speaking with a robot. Meanwhile, speaking too informally may make you seem unprofessional or lacking in information.

  1. Teach A Customer How To Fish

4 Tips for a Great Customer Service 4

A great customer service is one that helps customers even when your representatives are not available. You can do this by providing your customers with the means to help themselves. If you have help content on your company’s website (such as a FAQs section), then make sure that these pages are easy to find and easy to consume. The use of screenshots, videos, and other useful designs will help you do this.

While your services or products may be top quality, it is up to you and your customer service team to ensure that customers will be happy with your company. Follow these tips and this will not be a problem.


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