Dried fish commonly called as “tuyo” or “daing na isda” is a favorite food of Filipinos. Dried fish is prepared by frying or smoking and also used as condiment in some food preparations.

dried fish

Raw Materials:

Fresh fish
Coarse fish
Solar drier/any drier
Cutting knives


1. Clean thoroughly fresh fish and split into butterfly fillet (for smaller fish, splitting is not necessary)
2. Soak fish in ten (10) percent brine for 30 minutes to leach out the blood. Soak in 33% brine for 3-6 hours
3. Drain the water from the fish and arrange on drying trays.
4. Dry the fish under the sun or in an artificial drier at 65-70oC.
5. Cool and then place in polyethylene bags.

Source: Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST)