Do you love food? If so, are you a fan of food experimentation? If the answer to this question is also yes, then this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for. You probably know about these so-called ‘food bloggers’, right? Well, if not, here’s what it’s all about.

food blogger

So, these people have their blogs which are dedicated to food reviews, recipes, tips, and various other info.

All food bloggers share a common love for food which is why, if you’re a food lover, you’re capable of succeeding as a food blogger as well. You don’t need a lot of resources to move up in the world of blogging, especially when it’s about food. See, it doesn’t take a genius to write a blog post covering a certain food item. But, it does take a little bit extra actually to reach greatness.

Here’s the gist of being a food blogger!

Decide What Type of Food Blog you Want

Before you start writing and blogging, you’ll need to figure out what type of food you want to be featured on your blog. Do you want vegan food? Or maybe red meats? How about some sea cuisine? It all depends on what you like. I, for one, love almost all food, so it would be difficult for me to create a great food blog (but it wouldn’t be impossible).

Once you got that covered, it gets easier. If you like all food like me, try to pick the ones that would seem most interest to the general public.

Create a Blog Name

The name of your blog will define who you are in the eyes of the public. Don’t settle for anything ordinary or tacky; definitely, try to be crazy and unique. Don’t be afraid of what the people might think; we often twist our interpretations of various situations. This is one such situation. Think of something interesting, yet simple.

Purchase Your Domain Name and Web Hosting

This is the important part: You can’t have a blog without getting yourself a proper domain name and web hosting. There are a couple of good ones for new bloggers, such as iPage. This is a cheap option, yet an effective one, but don’t expect amazing performance in the case of lots of traffic. Be careful and research!

Install WordPress on Your Web Hosting Account

WordPress will be your bread & butter when it comes to blogging. It’s the simplest way to maintain a website while also having a plethora of amazing options. Most bloggers have WordPress integrated into their websites, and for good reasons too.

Once you get your website, take some time to get to know most of WordPress’ functions. It isn’t difficult to use, but the more you know, the better your blog will be!

Using Adsense in your Food Blog

There are two ways you can make money from a food blog: Through product sales, or by using Adsense. Most food bloggers go for Adsense money as it’s easier and more secure. But, you can combine the two to give you even better efficiency.

Adsense is Google’s service of integrating ads into your website. You’re free to choose which ads will show and which won’t. You’re also in charge of positioning. Take some time to find out more information about ad placement on your blog – it’s highly important in achieving clicks!

Getting Sponsorship

Sponsors can play a large part in your achievements, especially if you manage to find a couple while your blog is still young. Sponsors will provide you with financial, banking as long as you manage to achieve their objectives. Most of the time, these objectives aren’t anything difficult, but you will sometimes have to work a little extra to achieve them.

Promote your Blog

How will you earn money from a food blog (or any blog for that matter) if you don’t have an audience? And you shouldn’t bank on Google and other search engines to help you out either (although, with proper SEO, your chances will increase). Promote your blog wherever and whenever you can: On your personal Facebook profile, on your Instagram, YouTube, and various other platforms. The more marketing campaigns you have, the more traffic you’ll receive.

Monetize your Blog

Finally, we come to the, often overlooked part. What use is a food blog for you if you don’t monetize it. Monetization means converting an (in this case, possible hobby) activity you do in your free time in an actual means of earning money. So, in the case of a food blog, place ads, promote the blog and do anything in your power to improve its standings.