Pickling is the process of preparing food by soaking and storing it in a brine containing salt or acid (usually vinegar), or both, a process which can preserve otherwise perishable foods for months. Although the process was originally used to preserve foods, pickling is frequently done because people en-joy the resulting flavor.

How to Make Burong Mangga 1

Pickled or burong mangga is made by mixing salt and water to mangoes.

Burong Mangga


* 10 kl. green mangoes
* 1 kl. coarse salt
* water (472 ml or 2 cups for every 6 mangoes)


1. Wash mangoes in running water.
2. Peel and cut mangoes into halves.
3. Arrange slices in a preserving jar.
4. Boil salt and water solution for 5minutes. Cool.
5. Pour salt solution on mango.
6. Allow the mangoes to ferment in the brine solution for two to three days.
7. Store in the refrigerator to maintain freshness and crunchiness.

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