Moving from a startup phase to medium-sized business can be exciting. Only a few entrepreneurs manage to reach this level. However, no stage of the entrepreneurial journey is immune to challenges. Hence, you can very well imagine that even this corporate growth will have its share of problems. It will not be wrong to say that most people have to prove their strategic mettle. It can be complex, and you need the right people and tools for the continuity and growth of your business. If you have enough technological resources, you can build an infrastructure to handle many issues.

The experienced marketer and business icon EjDalius throws light on the problem areas and types of solutions that can offer you some breathing space.

An insight into the weak areas of medium-sized companies by Eric J Dalius

Before building IT infrastructure for smooth functioning, you need to look into the weaknesses of your business. For example, small companies can deal with daily work pressure quickly and produce satisfactory results. But growth can lead to more tasks and higher expectations. Due to this, the workforce can lose focus, and division heads fail to coordinate efforts. All this tends to affect efficiency, quality of products and services, and value creation for customers.

Operational challenges can also occur if you don’t set up standards for productivity and execution. The managers need to restructure all the processes and supervise teams to ensure they do their work abiding by the new regulations.

Eric J Dalius says another area that needs attention is the relationship with customers and suppliers. With increased revenue, your responsibility towards customers and partners also increase. It would help if you had a trained team to take charge of this. Otherwise, you can lose their trust.

Besides, two other areas of concern can be marketing and innovation. A growing organization has to innovate new systems and methods to adapt. If it doesn’t do this, success gets at risk. It is more relevant for a technology company. Similarly, marketing helps in brand positioning, customer acquisition, and customer retention. For this, it requires considerable investment. If you don’t invest in the right tools for it, you will risk wasting plenty of opportunities.

Eric Dalius: Software solutions for mid-sized companies for problem-solving

Inadequate processes and deviation from protocols can lead to overspending. The company’s financial status and stability can also be at risk. The situation can be under control if you get the right technological solution for different needs. For example, a centralized platform like CRM can be useful for managing communications and email campaigns. It can help in creating a sales pipeline based on data and monitoring. Then, the interdepartmental communication has to be robust, Eric Dalius adds. It can enable teams to resolve front-end challenges quickly, and your customers can support you more. Ticketing software, chatbots, and other such tools can prove handy here. 

Besides, you may need a vulnerability exposure tool for the security and safety of your data. It can detect threats and help with preventive measures. You can also rely on them to reduce errors. Other than these, there are process automation and web conversion platforms. From streamlining workflow to creating quality leads, these can assist in multiple areas.

In this sense, if you identify with these problems, you must put your money into the right systems and processes to overcome them.