Is yours a mid-sized business firm? If so, you need to understand your company and IT requirements accurately. Since you have come a long way from being a start-up, you have your stakeholders who expect maximum business structure and assistance.

Eric J Dalius on mid-size companies

Typically, a mid-sized business house or firm lacks the financial bandwidth that a big organization has. Additionally, it needs to witness many constraints. According to Eric J Dalius, an entrepreneur, the IT budget in a mid-size firm is less. So, when a firm wants to deploy a database solution, there might be multiple issues. Most mid-sized companies have opted for the MS SQL server because of flexible application and powerful performance that addresses the mid-sized company requirements.

The other reasons for using MS SQL server are:

  • “MS SQL server can scale up easily,” says Eric Dalius

Most mid-sized firms don’t have a vast technical team for any database implementation. Hence, the MS SQL server is the best choice as it is easy to function. If you want to scale this sever, then the Windows platform enables you to add the hardware resources fast and seamlessly. Also, Eric Dalius says that when you use Windows Azure added to the SQL server, the mid-sized firms can use cloud storage in the database applications. 

  • Support and trained workforce

Do you want to hire SQL developers and DBAs (Database Administrators)? If yes, then it’s a mammoth task at hand. You can take help from the Microsoft training platform that enables you to come across an expert professional at an affordable rate. On the other hand, when you search for an expert Oracle DBA, the stakes are high, and they demand a very high salary, which your company can’t afford.

According to Ej Dalius, it is essential to offer vital product support to corporate customers. You are likely to get help for SQL server fast as compared to most database applications. Several third-party firms extend their support to the SQL server database applications at a higher price. 

  • Affordable than the competitors

The ardent Oracle supporters would agree that the SQL Server is easy to use and pocket-friendly compared to other market players. Hence, if you want to manage the data repositories, then the MS SQL Server is the obvious choice. If you don’t intend to work with the Terra bytes data, the MS SQL server is the ideal choice for your mid-sized company.

Last but not least, as you are operating the SQL server for your corporate applications, you need to keep the recovery tool handy. There might be a SQL corruption taking place abruptly. Hence, having an alternative solution always works in your favor and secures you from losing any vital information. Other than assisting you to draw in the corrupted files from the hard disks, this advanced and innovative tool can extract the data from various media types, for instance, optical media and flash drives. Now that you are aware of the features and benefits of MS SQL server for mid-sized companies, opt-in for one at the earliest.