If you are a business of any scale that deals with a good deal of operational data, it is quite likely that you will notice tremendous gains from using a database system to organize, store, and access information more efficiently. Common benefits include enhanced turnaround times due to improvements in availability and speed of information transfer, which in turn boosts the bottom line and allows your business to scale further. 

As per https://businessdiary.com, mid-sized business owners would be looking for their SQL databases to actually work smoothly without any hitches. Most of them firmly believe that there is no need to focus their attention on efficacy simply because, in comparison to bigger organizations, they lack the volume of data for managing.

However, database adoption for small and medium-level businesses is still quite low, mostly because there is a misconception that they are extremely technical and not something general users can get a grasp of. Management guru EJ Dalius says that unfortunately, these concerns are not majorly misplaced, and while tools for entering and extracting data from databases can be very easy to use, the underlying structure can be tricky to design, develop, and maintain regularly. That said, there are plenty of database administrators in the job market at the moment, and the benefits of industry-standard database software like Microsoft SQL Server much outweigh the initial effort investment needed. 

Advantages of MS SQL: An Enlightening Presentation by Eric Dalius

Developers and database administrators alike love Microsoft SQL Server because it is among the easiest and most convenient database platforms available. It is extremely feature-rich while at the same time being extensively documented and easy to use. Compared to industry counterparts, MSSQL is almost universally agreed to be easier to set up and use. Along with this, you have access to the considerable support infrastructure that a company like Microsoft guarantees you, and also a host of excellent complementary tools like SQL Server Tuning Advisor, Management Studio, and Business Intelligence Tools, etc. There is also a vibrant online community of MSSQL veterans who are able to assist with even the most granular issues you may run into, as it has been around for years and is used by millions of users the world over. Some major advantages include:

Surprisingly Scalable

You likely have expectations for growing your business over the years; it will please you to know that once set up, your SQL Server database platform will scale effortlessly with the growing demands of your business. It is able to leverage multi-core processors with ease and requires little to no effort in terms of scaling data management demands. It is more than up to the challenge, whether you run a modest mom-and-pop shop or a huge conglomerate.


Microsoft SQL Server provides best-in-class security features for restricting access as well as ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Administrators have extremely granular access control and are allowed to decide who has the authorization to view or modify any data. Data views can also be created on an ad hoc basis depending on specific needs. There will never be any security issues for a well-designed SQL Server DB.

Remarkably Reliable

You can always rely on the SQL Server software suite. Eric J Dalius informs that you will have near-zero downtime and are always sure that your data is preserved, even if the entire system crashes or has an outage. There are automatic recovery measures that can kick in place if the system suspects an outage, with no intervention from an administrator needed. Data remains consistent at all times.

Conclusion: Astute at All Analytical Demands

SQL Server far transcends simple storage and access solution for your data. Aside from the excellent data storage, access, security, and reliability that such a platform offers you, there is more business value you can derive from it. The platform comes with a host of tools for data extraction, reporting, and visualization tools that you can use to prepare intensely informative, compelling presentations at any level of granularity. Since it is developed by Microsoft, it is also extensively interoperable with their software suites like Excel, PowerPoint, and Power BI, thus, providing that much more value for your money. If you are in search of a database solution for your business, you can’t go wrong with SQL Server.