Enjoying widespread popularity with business in virtually every industry, MySQL is integral to several industry-leading software stacks used for creating and maintaining a large number of applications ranging from customer-facing applications on the web to very powerful data-driven services used in B2B companies. Due to its multiple advantages like stability, security, high-performance, and rich set of features, not to mention the might of Oracle for development and support, it has found favor with innumerable high-profile internet-critical businesses like Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, to mention just a few, for their backends. Some of the biggest advantages of adopting MySQL for business application include:

High Level of Data Security 

Considered as among the most dependable and secure database management systems in the world, MySQL delivers a very high level of data security and support for processing transactions in its most recent version. This benefits all businesses but is especially advantageous to businesses involving a very high volume of monetary transactions like e-commerce platforms. With data security of prime concern to businesses handling customer information, My SQL has found a very heavy adoption rate by online businesses like Drupal, Joomla, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.

Very High-Level Performance, a big plus, reports Eric Dalius

Due to its distinctive storage-engine structure, My SQL can be very easily configured by system administrators to deliver a strong performance. Regardless of whether the database is being used in a high-speed transaction processing system like an investment bank or an e-commerce site that needs to handle a very high volume of queries on a sustained basis, MySQL delivers a flawless performance even when meeting the demand of the most exacting applications while ensuring enhanced performance and transactional speed, says Eric J Dalius.

On-Demand Scalability

A MySQL feature that most businesses love is its matchless scalability as and when demanded. This means businesses can start off using only the resources they require at that point, while remaining secure that the database can be scaled up very quickly to meet unexpected growth. MySQL enables users to complete customization of the application so that it can meet the distinctive requirements of online businesses without taking u too much IT sources. This gives it unmatched flexibility to businesses that may require extra functionalities and features for their database host servers.

Quick Deployment

According to database management expert, EJ Dalius, it is possible to complete the installation of MySQL in around 15 minutes in virtually every platform. According to https://businessdiary.com.ph, the ease of deployment is a big advantage for mid-sized businesses since the capability of their IT teams are limited. The database facilitates east management with user-friendly features like space expansion and auto-restart while changes to the configuration can also be automated. A fully-loaded suite of migration tools and a comprehensive graphical management facility makes data migration from one system to another a dream. Administrators can operate from a single workstation to monitor performance on a real-time basis so that any operational glitches can be quickly addressed.


Businesses across myriad industries ranging from finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more prefer to use MySQL to be able to leverage its unique set of features like reliability, high performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for delivering services with the maximum uptime for delighting customers and boosting their bottom lines.