You can’t expect a mid-sized company to perform like a big business house! It will have several shortcomings that the business owner needs to resolve. Most mid-sized companies have a limited budget for IT infrastructure, and it has many issues that should be addressed and resolved. For this, it is always a wise decision to opt-in for an MS SQL server.

Eric J Dalius and MS SQL server best practices

The MS SQL server structure is flexible and robust. It can quickly address all the mid-sized company needs effectively. Eric J Dalius talks about some of the best practices for MS SQL servers in mid-sized businesses.

  • A standardized environment – Eric Dalius’s views

It would be best if you standardized the configurations for the MS SQL server. It would be best if you kept the VM and server configurations clear. Also, ensure that the SQL agent and database management tasks are similar. When there is consistency, it reduces operational complexities.

  • Data and log file management

According to Eric Dalius, you should enable AUTOGROW on the data and log files. It is also essential that you turn off AUTOSHRINK. You need to develop the log and data files with ample space to minimize the AUTOGROW events.

  • Dedicated database

The SQL server must operate on a particular server. A user should check continually to ensure that no application, such as a file or print services, runs simultaneously on the SQL server.

  • Security rules

Mid-sized companies should know that the needed security approvals would get granted to users. Ej Dalius suggests companies shouldn’t provide administrative permissions to the developers. Microsoft indicates that the SQL server solutions operate by making use of the domain account. The users must provide a strong password for the user.

  • Backup testing

Do you wish to restore the data? If yes, then you should start making use of the complete recovery models for the databases. It’s a wise decision to conduct complete backups daily on the system database and user production. The majority of the established businesses carry out full log file backups during regular intervals throughout the day. Does your business database make use of a full recovery model? If so, then it’s suggested that you back up the transactions log to retain its size. It would help if you got into the practice of testing database restores for ensuring that it’s working.

  • Verification scopes

Make sure that you use the verification choices by support utilities, such as the TSQL BACKUP command. It is applicable for the advanced features such as the BACKUP CHECKSUM for keeping a correct track of all the issues associated with the media backups.

Do you aspire to become a pro at SQL? If yes, then opting for a course at the Administering Microsoft SQL database is an excellent choice. Here you will need all the requisites you to authenticate the SQL server and authorize the logins for accessing the database. All the best practices that get mentioned above helps to maintain server performance. Furthermore, it ensures the server availability and recoverability that equips the mid-sized organization seamlessly to carry on the IT functions.