The future of work is remote. During the pandemic, many employers realized that with modern technology there was no true need for their employees to be in the office. Everything that could be done in the office, could also be done remotely.

Plus, working remotely has many benefits. Increased productivity, reduced stress, and reduced burnout are some of the amazing mental health benefits of working remotely. Not to mention, remote work saves the company and its employees money.

In order to optimize your work from home experience, we have compiled a list of 5 tips and tricks for working remotely.

1. Try out a fake commute

Sitting in rush hour traffic was probably not your favorite part of going into the office, but it was most likely beneficial for you. Your commute provided separation from your work and home life. When working from home, you don’t get that separation. Oftentimes remote workers roll out of bed and get straight to work with no differentiation between work and home life.

To help separate your work and home life, create a “fake commute.” Create separation between waking up and starting work by going on a walk, grabbing coffee, or doing yoga.

2. Create a routine

Routines are great to implement into your daily work from home life. Whether it be making your coffee at the same time each day or walking your dog each day after lunch, routines can help you effectively spend your time. Routines can also help you start and stop work at the same time each day.

3. Stay social

It can be easy to avoid social activities when working from home. To stay social while working remotely, schedule regular Zoom meetings with your co-workers, join a workout class, or even attend a local happy hour.

4. Spend time in nature

Spending time outdoors is proven to reduce depression and anxiety. Spending most of your time indoors is common when working from home, but it is important to get in outdoor time as well. Try going on a walk between meetings to soak up some vitamin D.

5. Ditch multitasking

Very few people can actually multitask effectively. Rather than working on multiple projects at once or trying to work on a project and perform household tasks, commit to “deep work” instead. “Deep work” is uninterrupted time spent working on one specific project. Projects will be completed more efficiently and effectively through “deep work” rather than through multitasking. 

When using the above tips and tricks, you will reap the benefits that working from home has to offer. There is no denying that remote work is here to stay and we will be home more for the foreseeable future. With the right home insurance, this is not a scary thought.