Buy 1 take 1 burgers are an instant hit on the streets of Manila. If you want to start your own lucrative burger business, and can’t afford to buy a franchise, here are few things you need to know in putting up a burger stand.


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Tips on Setting-up a Burger Stand

1. Location

– If you can’t afford rent space, you can sell in front of your house. Just make sure you won’t be bothering the neighbors and you obtain necessary permits from your barangay.

– Find a space that has significant traffics.

– Best time to sell is in the afternoon until early morning. People still look for after midnight snacks that aren’t as filling as a rice meal.

– A 4×20 food cart with designs costs around P6,000 – P7,000. Price varies depending on the size, materials and structure.

– It’s also important that your stand has its own name and a signage.

For more info regarding food cart stands contact:

Bamchai Enterprises and look for:
Arlene Yap Zafra
Jay-Ann Templanza
Alne Templanza

Contact numbers: 494-2552 / 390-5547
Mobile numbers: 09394101773 / 09273308828

2. Equipments

– An ordinary burger griller set costs P2,500 – P3,500
– LPG Gas costs P620 that would last on an average of 15-20 days

For info regarding food cart equipment contact:
NegoPinoy Trading at 09175639367

3. Raw Materials

– Bread- Burger: P32 (12 pcs)
– Foot Long: P22 (6 pcs)
– Burger Patties: P23 (8 pcs)
– Ham: P25 (8pcs)
– Footlong: P130 (14 pcs)
– Mayonnaise: P125 (1 gallon)
– Egg: P120 (1 tray)
– Catsup: P45 (1 gallon)
– Oil: P110 (1 liter) – can be used for an average of 3 days

Additional tips:

1. Keep the burger patties, footlong, ham, frozen.
2. Choose bread that’s fresh and soft.
3. Don’t over recycle the cooking oil so the food stays clean
4. It’s better to get a supplier so that the costs may come out cheaper. Just make sure you have proper storage so that it will not spoil.
5. And for any food business, it’s important to always remember to keep clean!

Erick Gonzales, Pinoy Burger 09168991485

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