MS SQL is a widely accepted Relational Database Management System or RDMS built by the giant corporation Microsoft. The key role of any database server is storing and restoring data whenever required by other software applications. Using the MS SQL database will let you boost and maintain the efficiency of your business server while ensuring its accessibility and recoverability.

According to an article published on, SQL databases are easy to use and set up. Moreover, the integration of Windows Azure with SQL server offers you the advantage of leveraging cloud storage for all database business applications successfully. Let us look at the other benefits of it.

Eric J Dalius likes the streamlined installation of SQL server database

EJ Dalius has been familiar with the SQL server database, knowing how to install it through a wizard. Moreover, the preconditioned updates recognized as well as downloaded by the installer mechanically. The intricacies of setting up the application are reduced to a considerable extent due to auto installations of the software updates.

Again, you can set up the other elements like database and analytical services later, and auto-updates cut back on your maintenance expenditures considerably.

Super efficiency

Did you know that the MS SQL server has an integral, transparent data exchange attribute together with encryption? You will not need to tweak programs for protecting and securing sensitive and confidential information. Your MS SQL server comes with access control together with effective authorization management tools. Additionally, according to Eric Dalius, it gives you more efficiency and performance as far as data collation is concerned.

Less cost of ownership

The reason users prefer the MS SQL server database because it boasts of effectual data management as well as data management tools coupled with the partitioning of a disk. When it comes to your server, its optimal maintenance is ensured by adhering to effectual information management practices, which ensure the accessibility and recoverability of information.

Various editions to opt for

One of the greatest benefits of the MS SQL server is a range of editions that you can choose from for your company, based on requirements. These include Standard, enterprise, web, developer, and express editions.

Numerous SQL server applications and tools

MS SQL server features endless useful and effective tools to accelerate database design, troubleshooting, development, as well as effective maintenance. These include yet not restricted to Azure Data Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Profiler, and SQL Server Data Tools.


Yes, the MS SQL database is pocket-friendly compared to those using Oracle. If you run a mid-sized firm and do not like to waste your hard-earned dollars on data warehouses, relying on MS SQL server is indeed a logical decision and choice. Additionally, if your business does not need to work with terabytes of data, the MS SQL server will serve all your data storage and retrieval needs.


Now that you know about the benefits of the MS SQL server, you now have a fair idea of how it would suit your database management requirements.