Microsoft SQL server is regarded as one of the best and most powerful database management software that is available today. However, some web administrators and web developers seem to be still unaware of the power and versatility of this database management software. They are being deprived of the amazing assets that MS SQL Server could provide to make sure that the database management of the website is far more efficient and transparent.

Microsoft SQL Server has the capacity for supporting a broad spectrum of transaction processing programs, business intelligence, and even corporate IT analytics. We understand that the SQL server certainly is cheaper as compared to its peers. As per, people who have been using the Oracle servers have pointed out the fact that MS SQL database has been acclaimed and appreciated for its pocket-friendliness. It is, therefore, a wise move for medium-sized and small business owners to avoid splurging on other expensive data repositories instead; they could rely on the truly cost-effective MS SQL server for practical purposes. Experts like EJ Dalius believe that if you are not planning to work with terra bytes, you could consider using this efficient server since it would be effectively catering to all your requirements.

Top Entrepreneur Eric J Dalius Helps to Unravel the Top Reasons

Best for Ensuring Security of All Your Business Data

MS SQL Server provides you the opportunity to work with a standard table structure that is specifically, based on rows that connect functions and correlated data elements. Several other well-known DBMS or Database Management Systems are known to be less safe and less secure as compared to MS SQL Server. Eric Dalius says that thanks to this advanced software solution you could continue to maintain the integrity, security, and overall consistency of all important data you seem to be working with. This becomes significantly more vital when you realize that you are dealing with sensitive customer data.

Well-Known for Accuracy and for Optimizing Data Storage

In SQL Server you find multiple effective ways of addressing duplicate records present in a table. Moreover, it is known for providing integrity while referencing from your database. We know that there are certain constraints associated with integrity that should be of great help in maintaining data accuracy and this is collectively referred to as ACID properties. These salient features help in ensuring database transaction reliability. The Microsoft SQL architecture comprises certain key elements such as:

  • Transact- SQL for enabling you to go on programming commands and queries.
  • Tabular Data Stream is known to be a protocol helping you to connect database servers to SQL server clients.
  • SQL Server Database Engine is great for managing data processing and data storage along with most importantly, data security.

Allows Automatic Updates & Simple Installation

You are not required to get a special toolkit for the installation process. Moreover, system updates generally are successfully detected. The installation process is cheaper, simple, and less complicated which helps in saving time and prevents unnecessary headaches down the line.


Microsoft SQL Server also boasts of optimized security features. Moreover, with proper training, maintenance becomes easier to perform. There are backups for perfect data recovery. Efficient data management practices would be ensuring that your data is not only available but also recoverable if data loss takes place someplace else.