What’s the most important valuable you have right now? If you were only given a few seconds to answer the question, will you say it’s your smartphone? That’s how essential smartphones have become in our daily lives. We use it the moment we wake up to the moment we lay in bed, every single day of the week. That’s also why you need to invest in its protection.

How? By subscribing to a mobile protection plan such as AmTrust’s Gadget Protect and Globe’s Gadget Care, among many others in the market. Whether you have the latest flagship smartphone with all the bells and whistles or a budget-friendly one, you’ll end up spending money when you damage your phone—either from repairs or replacing your phone altogether. You’ll need a safety net for your phone and that’s where a mobile protection plan comes in.

A mobile protection plan is a service you can avail to protect you financially in the event you accidentally damage your phone. Your mobile protection plan will cover the cost of repair or replacement of your broken phone. In today’s age of excessive smartphone usage, a service like this could help you save money on unnecessary phone expenses.

Save on Broken Screen Repairs

A recent study from Squaretrade found that smartphone owners in the US spent $3.4 billion just to replace their cracked screens. This led to 65% of owners to avoid having their phone’s broken screen repaired, while 38% prefer not to have their broken phone screen fixed at all. That’s not good when you consider 5,761 phone screens are getting cracked every hour.

It’s certainly not a good idea to keep using a phone with a broken screen. Aside from aesthetic reasons, it will also extend the damage to other parts of the phone. Depending on the damage, you will also not be able to use your phone efficiently, so why not have it repaired? If you have a mobile protection plan, you can easily make a claim to have it repaired in no time.

Save on Accidental Damage Repairs

From the same Squaretrade study, it was found that 66% of smartphone owners damage their phones within the first year of purchase. The most common reasons for this include accidental dropping to the floor and falling from one’s pocket. No matter how careful you are with your phone, you’re bound to drop it accidentally and you’ll need to have it repaired.

That’s another reason how a mobile protection plan can save you money. Accidents happen whether you like it or not. The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself financially for these accidental damages. You don’t want to replace your phone every time you drop it, do you? It’s better to pay for a service that will help you repair or replace your phone when it breaks.

Save on Water Damage Repairs

Another main reason why phones get damaged is water. From accidental spillage to full on submersion, water is every gadget’s kryptonite. Even if a company claims their product is waterproof, it will still sustain damages that will require repair. And unlike cracked screens, water damage on smartphones are a lot harder and more expensive to restore and revive.

When you have a mobile protection plan like Gadget Protect, you can easily make a claim to have your water-damaged phone repaired or replaced. It’s a lot more convenient than having to pay almost half the price of your phone when you consult third-party repair centers. Pay for the mobile protection plan once and you’ll definitely avoid headaches in the long run.

Save on Phone Replacement

Alas, sometimes the damage can be so severe that no repair centers have the ability to fix it. When this happens to you, what will be your next move? Will you try looking for another repair center or will you buy a new smartphone? It’s a bummer if you have to shell out money once again to replace your damaged phone, especially if you spent months earning for it.

Before this happens, you can always go the alternative route of getting a mobile protection plan for your phone. While your phone is still pristine, you can have your future repair and replacement costs covered with mobile protection. Imagine having peace of mind every time you’re using your smartphone—and it will only cost a portion of your phone’s original price.

Save on Trips to Repair Centers

If you damage your phone, do you know exactly where to go? Sure, repair centers are scattered across the metro, but how will you know which one provides the better service? You can ask around or scour the internet, but you probably can’t be certain with your choice. This won’t be a problem with a mobile protection plan because the repair service will come knocking to you.

Once you file a claim to your mobile protection provider, they will pick up your phone from your home and send it to their authorized repair centers. They will also deliver your phone back to you—whether it’s repaired or replaced with a new one. You don’t have to leave your home to restore your smartphone back to health. Just file a claim online and you’re good to go.

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