Assistance dogs are usually needed by blind, deaf and handicapped individuals to assist them in their day-to-day activities, and we’ve also spotted the dogs put to perfect usage in medical centers like that of Amsterdam’s VU University Medical Center, where they are deployed to detect infections. This time a UK laundry washing company has created Woof to Wash, a machinery tailored for use by dogs to clean their owner’s garments.

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Extraordinary helper dogs have already been able to be taught to dismantle beds, load up laundry containers and fill and unload laundry machines for people who does not have the power to perform it on their own. Then again, common equipments turn out too strenuous for dog functionality. Working with Helper Canines, Yorkshire-based JMT Services has developed a unique equipment that has an unlock push button and door handle developed for easy use by support dogs. After the laundry machine has been filled and the door closed, the machine begins once the helper dog barks. For ease of use, the equipment solely operates single program at 40 degrees Celsius, with the right amount of liquid detergent discharged instantly. As mentioned by its developers, the development could prove beneficial to a myriad of individuals who want assistance in washing their garments. The clip below comes with a demo of the equipment:

Are there more household devices that could be well tailored for use by differently abled individuals — or indeed support dogs?


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