Food business idea: How to Make Mayonnaise

The basic ingredients for making mayonnaise are lemon juice or vinegar, salad oil or winterized oil not less than 65% or 2/3, egg yolk or whole egg, and sugar, salt and spices (paprika, mustard) and MSG. However, substitutions may be made.


1 cup lard (or cooking oil) 28°C
1 egg yolk
1½ tbsp. 4.5 vinegar (Del Monte)
½ tsp. iodized salt
1 tsp. white sugar


1. Separate yolk from the whole egg and place it in a clean and dry quart-sized bowl.
2. Using a table fork, beat egg yolk rapidly and continuously until light yellow, for about 5 minutes.
3. Add salt and beat well.
4. Add oil (or lard) by drops, beating well after each addition until about 1/4 cup is used.
5. Add ½ tsp. vinegar and beat well.
6. Add lard alternately with the vinegar and beat vigorously after each addition. Increase the amount of oil added by half tablespoon when the mayonnaise has already formed a stable emulsion.
7. Continuously beat the emulsion after all the oil (or lard) and vinegar have been added.
8. Place the mayonnaise dressing in a sterile dry bottle (or jar) and seal tightly.
9. Store in a screened cabinet at room temperature until use.

Source: CMU Journal of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Official Publication of CMU By Mercado & Notario