Customer Service Innovation for This Year 1

No matter what company or industry you work in customer service is an aspect of business you should seriously invest in. Thanks to technology communication has developed so much that providing customer service has diversified, for example there are businesses that does call center outsourcing in the Philippines to consistently provide their own customers with fast and consistent customer service. The continuous innovation of technology makes companies more connected with their customers which means they have to find more effective and efficient ways to cater to their requests. The challenge is to find fresh customer service ideas that complements the evolving environment.

Video Tutorials

One such strategy is to take advantage of this technology to offer a different medium to reach your customers. Instead of the typical FAQ page or directing your customer to different user manuals and guides, the alternative is to film yourself addressing the usual inquiries could be more engaging for the customer. Some customers are more visual and could understand instructions if demonstrated to them, plus it is easy to reference back to.

Video Calls

Another use for new technology is to use live video calls instead of voice calls. This could be especially useful for businesses who sell and operate different operating systems. You could integrate video calls and help the customer work through different parts of the operating system. Even for different products as customer service seeing the problem is much easier for you, you know exactly what the problem is and finding a solution could be much faster. Having a live chat box on the side will also help in case the customer can send you screenshots of their problem or images of the situation.

Constant Reports

Monthly reports showing progress of your company its product and processes is a great way to build rapport with your customers. It shows full trust and transparency between a company and its customers. It fortifies the relationship between you and your client, it also gives them the impression that the company is very approachable and is easy to communicate. That’s all you need, you need to encourage your customers to contact you so that you can address all their needs and help them take full advantage of the products and services you offer.


In the quest to provide efficient and effective customer service people sometimes focus too much on the numbers and answering queries about facts and figures that they tend to forget to empathize with the customer. Empathic approaches to customer service ensures that you not only understand what the customer needs better but builds better relationships with them. It’s not as hard as you think, simply put yourself in the callers shoes and understand their worries and frustration. Always go for quality service over quantity.

Customer service may seem simple enough to do but there are more factors that go into it. It is one thing to serve a customer, pleasing them is a whole other thing. This requires dedication and the realization that you are the direct contact of the company to their customers. Customers change and develop new needs so you have to develop with them and get ahead of the curve with the different ways you can serve them excellently. 


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