Closed circuit television cameras are now an integral part of business security systems to keep the business premises protected from the threats of vandalism and theft. Since the cameras come with recording systems, it can lower the costs of protecting assets.  There are a few benefits of using video CCTV security system for businesses.

Theft reduction

Retail businesses can prevent and reduce acts of vandalism, theft, break-in, and other serious crimes committed within the business premises by placing CCTV cameras at strategic locations. Businesses located in crime-prone areas lose almost $50,000 a year due to such incidents. Although retail businesses are most vulnerable to such criminal acts, non-retail businesses too experience different types of theft like stealing of intellectual property as well as theft of other assets. All such incidents can be reduced with the close surveillance of CCTV cameras.

Video recording

The main benefit of CCTV cameras is that it records everything that it sees, which is later available as video footage. Even if any crime goes undetected at the time of occurrence, the subsequent monitoring of the recording can help to detect it later and take measures to set things right. The best part is that you can monitor the video footage remotely on mobile devices, which eliminates the need to depute a person on-site exclusively for the job.  To view real-time footage, it requires installing separate cameras on a single window.

Criminal evidence

The video footage obtained from the CCTV cameras becomes very important whenever any illegal activity takes place within the business premises or around it because it serves as valuable evidence. Besides helping to spot and investigate the incident and capture the perpetrator of the crime, the recording, when produced in court, serves as evidence. CCTV camera footage has helped the authorities to solve many criminal cases, and the jurors and judges use the footage to decide to sentence the person involved in the act. CCTV cameras do not benefit businesses alone but also the community.

Control sexual harassment at the workplace

Sexual harassment is a highly concerning issue across the world, with women more prone to it at the workplace. Installing CCTV cameras act as a deterrent to such criminal activities and ensure a safer working environment for all employees. If there is any such act committed at the workplace, the CCTV footage will help to identify the reprehensible act and the persons involved so that companies can formulate the right response if it leads to litigation.

Improved productivity

Keeping an eye on employees and monitoring their activities across the workplace by installing CCTV cameras deter them from taking liberties, and they work hard because they know that they are under constant surveillance and answerable for any deviant act. This results in increased productivity as employees will have to devote their time in productive work except for the permissible recess hours and maintain discipline at the workplace.

Reduced need for human supervision at the workplace allows floor managers to devote their time towards critical work that adds more value. However, there must be a proper balance in using CCTV cameras to protect the mutual trust between employers and employees.