February is the month of love, let’s face it. Valentine’s Day makes you want to do all sorts of crazy stuff to impress your partner, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about. If you already have the perfect plan for dinner and a grand gesture, you can’t just wake up the next day and go back to your regular self.  Romantic breakfast in bed is not only going to tell your partner how lucky he or she is to have you but will keep the spell alive for a longer period of time. If you’re not too much of a cook, there’s nothing to worry about since to put these ideas in practice; you will only need things that money can buy. Check out the best dinnerware sets and other helpful stuff to impress your partner with breakfast in bed. Once you think you have everything you need, keep reading to discover some of the best ideas.

Romantic Breakfast in Bed With Pancakes

You’ve probably had something else in mind when you first read the title of this article. However, a romantic breakfast doesn’t have to be about French recipes and complicated tricks. Sometimes, a good-old pancake is exactly what you need to kick-start the morning after Valentine’s Day. Combine a delicious breakfast with a nice gesture for your partner and prepare some pancakes to get the job done. You’ll only need 1 egg, 1 cup of milk, and 1 cup of flour. Add a pinch of salt to the mix and some baking powder, then mix everything. Heat up a pan and then pour the batter so that it spreads evenly. When the first side is done, flip the pan to the other side. Pour some maple syrup on the ready pancake before serving, and you’re good to go.

food breakfast in bed


Granola Parfait

Ok, if you’re not into pancakes, here’s another romantic breakfast idea that should work. This is especially efficient if your better half is concerned about the calorie intake. The granola parfait is easy to prepare, looks amazing, and it will bring you a lot of extra points in the “aww” department. You will need some blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, and crunchy granola. Put everything in a small glass or a jar and ornate with blueberries and raspberries to impress even more. You can also add some honey on top for extra sweetness.

Fried Eggs

This is one of the romantic breakfast in bed ideas for him. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fried eggs for breakfast; however, let’s just say men are a bit simpler and easier to please. Of course, if you’re cooking them for breakfast each morning, it will have nothing to do with romance. But you can always improvise and come up with something to diversify breakfast.

French Toast

Here’s one of the romantic breakfast ideas for her in case you can’t afford Paris for Valentine’s Day.  Even without a trip to France, you can make some of the French cuisine recipes and surprise her with a portion of fantastic French toast. You’ll need some eggs, salt, milk, honey, and butter. Of course, bread is mandatory, and it’s better to go with the square shapes. Mix the eggs and the milk, add salt, and make sure everything is even. Then, bathe the bread in the egg-milk mixture and put it in a pan until it turns golden brown. Add the butter and ornate with some strawberries for that perfect French look and taste.

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Romantic Breakfast Ideas: Final Thoughts

As you can see, beauty is in simplicity. Each of the options above is easy to prepare, even if you cannot boast of cooking skills. Do not complicate things; remember that it’s all about showing your true love and feelings.

What other ideas for a romantic breakfast do you usually try? You’re staying anonymous, so nothing prevents you from sharing your ideas with our readers in the comment section. Who knows, maybe you would help someone land the perfect relationship with your breakfast tips and tricks.


Nellie Rodriguez is an incurable romantic. She is studying literature and has decided to try her luck with freelance writing during her studies at MyKitchenAdvisor. She loves to write about romantic ideas and helpful guides for people starting a relationship.