A large number of Filipinos are uninsured because of the stress and other factors that keep them from prioritizing getting insured. They say that health is wealth, but due to the lack of time and money, the saying is rarely applied. Fortunately, there’s another option available to most employees.

Thanks to Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs, most employees are entitled to use their healthcare delivery systems for a much lower price as part of their benefits. The beneficiaries will spend a fraction of the original cost of the medical service since the employer subsidizes it.

HMO members are given access to the organization’s network of healthcare providers through prepaid health products.  Most medical services are covered in the insurance from the HMO which means that the employee won’t be spending too much on hospital fees.

To date, there are 16 different HMO providers to choose from, and there are various factors to consider when choosing one including the cost of monthly premiums, out of pocket costs, the ability to select your healthcare providers, and the current health of the people you wish to cover.

iChoose.ph’s infographic gives more details on HMOs and how to pick one.

Everything You Have to Know About Health Maintenance Organizations 1