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Who Are Financiers and Why Do Businesses Need Them?

With the emergence of the first states came the people who ran the treasury-the first financiers. The familiar term “finance” came into use in the days of the Templars, in the XIII-XV centuries, in the merchant cities of Italy. Today, the financier profession has come to the forefront in matters of business innovation and digitalization. [&hellip

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PR Specialist: 10 Illusions Surrounding the Profession

Many beginners who decided to work in this field still imagine their future work as a pleasant holiday. Daily parties among celebrities, without clear plans and obligations, what can be better? What other myths will the aspiring PR specialist have to part with? Myth 1: A party instead of work Many students believe that the [&hellip

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How to get success in career of your choosing?

“Who can help me to make my resumes flawless?” If you need to get a job, it is vital that you have a high-quality resume to support your job application. However, it is not an easy task to write and format your CV correctly; therefore, it is best to leave this important task to the [&hellip

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